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Strategic Plan 2022-26

Through extensive surveys, the PCEUT strategic plan has been developed with the input of multiple stakeholders, both internal (faculty, administrative staff, research scientists, students, and postdoctoral fellows) and external (colleagues from peer institutions, school of pharmacy advisory board members, and affiliate faculty).

The plan highlights the approaches PCEUT will take to maintain its leadership in pharmaceutical science and education, while expanding its expertise in new areas of innovative research and promoting collaborative opportunities.

1 Vision

To promote the efficacy and safety of therapeutics through inclusive teaching and transformative research discoveries in the drug delivery and disposition sciences.

2 Mission

To provide an unparalleled educational experience to graduate professionals, and undergraduate students through an outstanding intellectual environment for innovative research in drug delivery, transport, and metabolism that impacts the health and wellbeing of all. In executing this mission, we value individual creativity, interpersonal collegiality, team effort and inclusivity.

3 Core Values

We believe in:

• Commitment to excellence in innovative, cutting-edge, and rigorous research
• Integrative and progressive education dedicated to students’ success
• Pursuit of knowledge and passion for discovery and learning
• Collegiality, collaboration, and intellectual professionalism
• Ensuring an equitable, inclusive, diverse, and respectful community
• Contributing and disseminating our expertise to the greater good of society

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1

Unparalleled Educational Experience


• Offer innovative, relevant, inclusive and accessible educational experiences preparing students for the rapidly changing landscape of pharmaceutical science
• Provide a caring and safe environment for the success of our graduate, professional and undergraduate students, fostering an open dialog among students and faculty
• Foster multidisciplinary training with other departments and industries

Action Plan:

• Bring in new faculty passionate about education
• Increase industry-academia-regulatory partnerships in training programs
• Expand graduate program through active recruitment, outreach and sustainable funding; increase enrollment by 15% over 5 years
• Enhance process for holistic approach to support student learning and growth

Goal 2

Innovative Research in Drug Delivery, Transport and Metabolism


• Maintain leadership in drug metabolism, transport, and pharmacokinetics research
• Grow research prominence in drug and vaccine delivery, nanomedicine and pharmacometrics
• Continue commitment to excellence and rigorous research, leading by example in everything we do
• Invest in large collaborative, programmatic research

Action Plan:

• Expand faculty to increase research in drug delivery, targeting, nanomedicine and pharmacometrics
• Recruit faculty with expertise in drug delivery, nanomedicine, drug metabolism, transport, pharmacokinetics and pharmacometrics
• Diversify funding sources to assure continuity and stability
• Define focus areas over the next 2 years and secure a large collaborative research program over 4 years

Goal 3

Outstanding and Inclusive Environment


• Attract and retain innovative, impactful community, developing the next generation of leaders
• Nurture an equitable, inclusive, diverse, and respectful community
• Foster collegiality, collaboration, and intellectual professionalism

Action Plan:

• Facilitate mentoring and support career development for all
• Communicate broadly our vision, mission, and core values
• Adopt the use of the most up-to-date technologies and practices to enable quality and efficiency
• Continue to upgrade facilities and resources to offer a welcoming environment and facilitate communication and collaboration

Top Priorities for Years 1-2

  1. Hire new assistant professor(s) within the areas of departmental priorities
  2. Commit to consistent engagement with industry and institutional partners
  3. Initiate collective strategy in responding to large research program opportunities
  4. Establish a roadmap for expanding graduate programs and for their continuous quality improvement


Download the Strategic Plan here