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School of Pharmacy Certificate Programs

photo of faculty and staff in a classroom photo of faculty and staff in a classroom

The UW School of Pharmacy’s certificate programs prepare busy adult learners like you for an increasingly dynamic and complex world. By design, each program challenges you to explore subjects in depth and apply new concepts and skills in practical situations. Programs are taught in the beautiful Puget Sound region with territorial views of mountains and sea, and an easy drive to the cities of Bellevue, Tacoma and Everett.

See more detail on our certificate programs listed below.

Certificate Program in Biomedical Regulatory Affairs

Understand the role of a medical products regulatory affairs specialist and the dynamic nature of the regulatory field. Study the regulatory jurisdiction of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Certificate Program in Clinical Trials

Become versed in the major concepts guiding the design and implementation of clinical trials, and learn to manage the numerous people and tasks involved at all stages of the process.

Plein Certificate in Geriatric Pharmacy

The Certificate in Geriatric Pharmacy can be earned while in the PharmD program or as a practicing pharmacist. The goal of the Certificate is to train pharmacists to become specialists in geriatrics to meet the needs of older adults in all practice settings. Students will acquire knowledge and skills in the general principles of selecting and optimizing drug therapy for older adults with several comorbidities.

Certificate in Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Learn how to apply the principles of health economics to improve decision making in a complex health care environment. Understand health care markets and systems throughout the world. Evaluate the effectiveness of medical treatments, interventions and technologies through outcomes research.

Teaching Certificate in Pharmacy Education

Prepares current and future pharmacy educators for academic teaching and precepting, and to inspire others to consider academic careers.