School of Pharmacy


Welcome! We are very proud of our preceptors, who are ever so much more than teachers. You help students put learned facts into the context of real practice situations, introduce the students to the many facets of pharmacy practice, act as role models for the kind of practitioner students want to become, and facilitate an experience where students take the responsibility for their learning. Collectively, you take the educational lead for 30% of our curriculum. Thank you for your time, patience, and enthusiasm for teaching our students!

Preceptor expectations

  • Complete orientation to UWSOP professional training program
  • Display desired preceptor characteristics
  • Develop precepting skills
  • Structure the student’s learning experience
  • Set clear expectations
  • Provide useful feedback
  • Assess student performance in a timely fashion
  • Communicate with Experiential Education team at UWSOP

Preceptor benefits