The UW School of Pharmacy’s graduate programs aim to develop scientific leaders to carry out basic and translational biomedical research, to think critically and make informed decisions at preclinical, clinical and post-approval stages of drug discovery and development, and to integrate knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences, health policy and economics.

Our alumni and postdoctoral fellows go on to become leaders in their respective fields — professors at elite universities, researchers and administrators in health care organizations and pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and policymakers in scientific and government organizations.

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Graduate Degrees

Medicinal Chemistry Graduate Program
Pharmaceutics Graduate Program
Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy Graduate Program
PharmD/MS in Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy
MS in Biomedical Regulatory Affairs


Certificate Program in Biomedical Regulatory Affairs
Certificate Program in Clinical Trials
Graduate Certificate in Comparative-Effectiveness Research
Plein Certificate in Geriatric Pharmacy
Certificate in Health Economics and Outcomes Research
Teaching Certificate in Pharmacy Education

Other Programs

Pharmacological Science Summer Diversity Program
Pharmacological Science Training Program
Resident Teaching Program
STEP Summer Program