Focusing on drug metabolism, transport, distribution and absorption to deliver the right medicine to the right patient at the right time

The Department of Pharmaceutics conducts research and teaching in precision medicine that is targeted towards improving patient therapy by maximizing drug efficacy while minimizing drug toxicity. This goal is achieved by understanding the processes, including drug delivery, that determine the exposure and pharmacological response to drugs. Our areas of focus include genetic, environmental, physiological and disease processes that can alter metabolism, transport, distribution and absorption of drugs. The highly collegial Department faculty, students, post-doctoral fellows and staff pursue these multidisciplinary and translational goals through collaboration within the school, University of Washington campus and national and international institutions. Our research and training programs involve biochemical and pharmacological laboratory techniques that span from molecular, cell- and organ-based studies to studies in humans and animals. Then, mathematical modeling and simulation techniques are applied to the data to individualize the right dose and drug delivery system for the patient.

Latest Department News

Sara Shum named winner of 2020 UWSOP Pharmaceutics’ Graduate Student Leadership Award

Sara Shum

Congratulations to Sara Shum, a #UWSOP Department of Pharmaceutics graduate student who was awarded the 2020 UWSOP Pharmaceutics’ Graduate Student Leadership Award in May. Sara, who expects to graduate this fall with her PhD in Pharmaceutics, joined the Department of Pharmaceutics in 2016, and Dr. Nina Isoherranen's lab in 2017. Sara has demons... Read more...

Biomedical innovations win WE-REACH go-to-market awards


Seattle, WA (July 14, 2020)—The Washington Entrepreneurial Research Evaluation and Commercialization Hub (WE-REACH) is pleased to announce its first awards to facilitate early-stage product development for two biomedical innovations. WE-REACH invests up to $200,000 per awarded project. Funding comes from the NIH with matching support from our par... Read more...

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