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Reviewing Process

The admissions reviewing process for both the MS program and the PhD program at the Department of Pharmaceutics is a collective process led by the Graduate Program Committee with all faculty members participating at different stages. PhD applicants will hear from us about the admissions decisions around early March and MS applicants around mid-April.

  1. The Graduate Program Committee and selected faculty members conduct the preliminary round of review right after the application deadline. Application packages are randomly assigned to faculty members. Each application is evaluated by at least two faculty members independently and is reviewed and discussed by the Graduate Program Committee before a list of top candidates is generated. All faculty members have the opportunity to review all applications and suggest applicants for review and consideration.
  2. Through discussions among all active faculty members during the department faculty meeting, the top candidate list is finalized and applicants on the top list will be invited for zoom interviews.

PhD reviewing process:

For the PhD program, selected candidates will receive zoom interview invitations in late January or early February. Each candidate will be scheduled for two zoom interviews, each time, with two faculty members.

After zoom interviews, top selected candidates will be contacted by the department chair through phone or zoom and will be invited to an in-person visit to the department if the candidates are within the U.S.

MS reviewing process:

For the MS program, faculty members who are interested in recruiting MS students will invite selected candidates from the top list for zoom interviews. Once all the zoom interviews are completed, faculty members will make admissions decisions.

Please do not contact individual faculty members to ask about your likelihood of getting into the programs or about the admissions decisions since the admissions decisions are collective decisions made by all faculty members.

After Applying:

  • Admissions reviews can take up to three months after the application deadline.
  • The graduate program will notify you of its decision either by email or by postal mail. The decision will also be reflected on your Graduate Application Status Page.
  • If you are offered admission, you will be instructed to accept or decline the offer of admission on your Graduate Application Status Page.
  • If you accept an offer of admission, next steps will appear on your Graduate Application Status Page. Next steps are things that you need to do before you enroll in classes at the UW. Foreign applicants who indicated that they would be requesting an I-20 or DS-2019 visa application will be given instructions.
  • If you decline an offer of admission, you will be asked to complete a short survey on your Graduate Application Status Page.