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Explore the Services Offered at the School of Pharmacy

Mass Spectrometry Center

The Mass Spectrometry Center serves as a resource offering analytical and instructional expertise in contemporary mass spectrometric techniques and instrumentation with the primary aim of providing investigators with “hands-on” training and ready access to “state-of-the-art” instrumentation needed to develop and meet their research interests.
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Pharmacokinetics and Modeling Lab

the PK Lab supports clinical studies through the analysis of drugs in an array of biological matrices (e.g. plasma, urine, lymphocytes), along with analysis and modeling of pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) data. The PK Lab also has the capability to conduct various studies for the in vitro characterization of drug metabolism and transport.
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Performance Based Risk Sharing Database

The Performance Based Risk Sharing (PBRS) web-enabled database is designed to be an up-to-date resource on performance-based risk sharing arrangements (also known as patient access schemes, market access agreements, and managed entry agreements, among others).
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Rubenstein Pharmacy

The Rubenstein Memorial Pharmacy at Hall Health is proudly operated by the UW School of Pharmacy. Our dedicated pharmacy team is here to serve the University of Washington and surrounding community. Located off the lobby of the Hall Health Center, we are uniquely qualified to serve our University community and we look forward to partnering with you to achieve your health goals.
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