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Rubenstein Pharmacy


The Rubenstein Memorial Pharmacy at Hall Health is proudly operated by the UW School of Pharmacy. Our dedicated pharmacy team is here to serve the University of Washington and surrounding community. Located off the lobby of the Hall Health Center, we are uniquely qualified to serve our University community and we look forward to partnering with you to achieve your health goals.

To learn more about our community pharmacy services on campus, click here.

Pharmacy History

When Gertrude Rubenstein set up a bequest to honor her late husband, Louis — a Seattle pharmacist who passed away in 1924 — she couldn’t have known how much of an impact she’d be making on our School – and the University community – for generations to come. For Gertrude, her bequest was a tribute to the profession and the life’s work of her husband.

For the School of Pharmacy, the Rubenstein bequest funded the creation of the Hall Health Center Rubenstein Memorial Pharmacy, which has served the UW community since its dedication in 1978.

Importantly the bequest also created the Endowed Memorial Scholarship fund it created — has become our largest scholarship fund of its kind. The list of Rubenstein scholarship recipients since the creation of the fund in 1966 (12 years after Gertrude passed away) is too numerous to count. In recent years, the scholarship fund has supported an average of 50 to 75 pharmacy students annually. That’s nearly 20 percent of our total PharmD student enrollment. In the past five years alone, 321 students have received $1,000 Rubenstein scholarships, for a total of $321,000. All from an original bequest of $600,000.

Our School is humbled by the Rubenstein Family, and the many other alumni who have created bequest funds at the School. If you are interested in supporting our students through the Rubenstein’s Fund or another one of our Scholarship funds, please click here.