School of Pharmacy General Contact Information

School of Pharmacy is currently working remotely due to COVID-19. We are available via email and can set up phone meetings if needed. We ask for your understanding that responses may be delayed during this challenging time.

For general inquiries, please contact the Dean’s Office:

(206) 543-2030

To search for specific individuals please use the directory

For PharmD admission questions email

For media inquiries only, please contact:

Scott Braswell
(206) 543-3485

Dean’s Office

University of Washington, Box 357631
H364 Health Sciences Building
Seattle WA 98195-7631
Phone: (206) 543-5050
Fax: (206) 685-9297
Trish Respalie, Exec. Assistant to the Dean

Department of Medicinal Chemistry

University of Washington, Box 357610
H172 Health Science Building
Seattle WA 98195-7610
Phone: (206) 543-2224
Fax: (206) 685-3252

Department of Pharmaceutics

University of Washington, Box 357610
H272 Health Science Building
Seattle WA 98195-7610
Phone: (206) 543-9434
Fax: (206) 543-3204

Department of Pharmacy

University of Washington, Box 357630
H375 Health Science Building
Seattle WA 98195-7630
Phone: (206) 543-6788
Fax: (206) 543-3835

Key Contacts:

Sean D. Sullivan
Professor and Dean, School of Pharmacy
(206) 543-5050

Exec. Assistant to the Dean – Trish Respalie
(206) 543-5050

Kelly Campbell
Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration
(206) 543-6217

Claire Forster
Assistant Dean for Advancement & Corporate Relations
(206) 616-3217

Andy Stergachis
Associate Dean for Research, Graduate Programs and New Initiatives
(206) 221-0703

Peggy Odegard
Professor, Associate Dean for Professional Pharmacy Education
(206) 543-0760

Andrew Brusletten
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Office of Professional Pharmacy Education
(206) 543-5818

Terri O’Sullivan, PharmD, BCPS
Director, Experiential Education, Advanced Pharmacy Practice
(206) 543-3324

Jennifer Danielson, PharmD
Director of Experiential Education, Introductory Practice
(206) 543-1924

H. Steve White, PhD
Chair, Department of Pharmacy
(206) 543-3782

Maya Kimura
Administrator, Department of Pharmacy
(206) 685-9291

Anirban Basu, PhD
Director, The Comparative Health Outcomes, Policy, and Economics (CHOICE) Institute, Department of Pharmacy
(206) 616-2986

Nina Isoherranen, PhD
Chair, Department of Pharmaceutics
(206) 543-2517

Matthew N. Eng
Administrator, Department of Pharmaceutics
(206) 616-4218

William Atkins, PhD
Chair; Sid Nelson Endowed Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
(206) 685-0379

Jeanine Kanov
Administrator, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
(206) 543-7025