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Annual Site Spotlight

Sites featured as part of the Site Spotlight are exemplary sites that have demonstrated innovative pharmacy practice, a supportive learning environment, and opportunities for students to engage with various healthcare team members.

2021 Site Spotlight

Susan Rowe pictured with her two Wednesdays in Practice students
Susan Rowe pictured with her two Wednesdays in Practice students (June 2021). Ellicia Wong (left), Susan Rowe (middle) and Ranita Tse (right).

Site: Tacoma Family Medicine
MultiCare Health System Tacoma

Site Preceptor: Susan Rowe

Susan Rowe is a University of Washington graduate and has practiced at MultiCare since 1988. As Susan celebrated her retirement at the end of 2021, we were able to honor Susan’s accomplishments in transforming the way that pharmacists practice in the ambulatory care setting and the ‘curiosity culture’ that has been such a big part of the learning environment for students working with her and her colleagues in Family Medicine.

Susan worked with WIP and APPE students, in addition to both medical and pharmacy residents. We asked Susan how she works with the different levels of learners at her site.

Here is a small glimpse into her response “I don’t make assumptions about students’ ability or skill. I let every student try every question, ask the clarifying questions they need to ask, and then edit with them for their final product.”

Want to learn more about how Susan creates a welcoming learning environment, involves students in interactions with team members, and engages students in innovative pharmacy practice?

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