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Preceptor and Site Criteria

The School, through the Office of Professional Pharmacy Education, will identify qualified pharmacy practitioners and professionals to serve as preceptors to student pharmacists.

Preceptor criteria:

Select preceptors qualify to participate in the experiential education program by meeting and adhering to the following preceptor criteria:

  1. The preceptor has obtained appropriate professional education, experience, and credentials commensurate with the proposed role in the experiential education program.
  2. The preceptor is licensed and in good standing with an appropriate licensing board as required by the governing practice laws, if applicable.
  3. The preceptor demonstrates a desire and aptitude for teaching, including willingness to engage in practices to support student learning, such as instructing, modeling, coaching/mentoring and facilitating.
  4. The preceptor demonstrates a willingness to serve as positive role model and reflects professional and ethical standards within their area of practice and/or expertise.

Site criteria:

A broad variety of quality experiential sites for introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences are essential to the curriculum at the UW School of Pharmacy. The School will recruit and select experiential sites based on the following criteria to support student learning and education.

Quality criteria for all experiential sites

  1. Offers an environment that nurtures and supports student learning
  2. Offers adequate learning opportunities to meet educational goals for the proposed experience(s) offered.
  3. Provides adequate access to resources needed to facilitate learning (e.g. access to health records, site-specific references, and workstation or space for working).
  4. Provides appropriate guidance for professional development and to promote student-directed learning.
  5. Executes a written affiliation agreement with the School defining the responsibilities, commitments, and expectations of both institutions.

Additional site criteria for patient care experiential sites

  1. Licensed and accredited by appropriate licensing and accrediting bodies as required by the governing practice laws, if applicable.
  2. Offers an environment that nurtures and supports a patient-centered philosophy.
  3. Emphasizes professional relationships with pharmacists and other pharmacy personnel to improve your ability to practice as part of an intraprofessional team.
  4. Emphasizes professional relationships with other healthcare providers to improve your ability to practice as part of an interprofessional team.

If you meet the preceptor criteria and you’re interested in hosting students, please fill out the New Preceptor and Site information form!

New Preceptor & Site Interest Form