Emergency Loans Through The School of Pharmacy

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Financial assistance in the form of emergency loans from the School of Pharmacy is offered on either a short- term or long-term loan basis with a maximum of $1,000 – $3,000 per year.

To apply for an emergency loan:

  • Contact the Administrative Director for assistance in applying for this loan.

Guidelines for Completing the form:

  • “Loan amount” – enter amount discussed and agreed to by Administrative Director.
  • Loan type:” check “Departmental.”
  • Continue completing the following pertinent information: “Name, Address, Employer Information, Parent’s Information, References (two) and your Signature.”
  • Of note: If an applicant has “0” unmet need, and we award a student an emergency long term loan (as opposed to short term loan), the UW will most likely deduct from the current UW loan package. Please contact Luke Brist (bristl@uw.edu) if you have questions.

To be eligible FOR an emergency loan, a student must:

  • Be enrolled full time (12 credits minimum)
  • Be available to discuss with the Administrative Director the reasons you need the loan; acceptable reasons may include insufficient funds to purchase food, shelter, and books
  • Sign a promissory note with the Office of Financial Aid


  • A short term emergency loan requires 90-day repayment policy or upon demand when financial aid or Stafford disbursement is received.
  • No interest will be charged, if repaid on time.
  • The short term loan fund is not considered as a resource to financial aid eligibility.


  • Interest rates vary.
  • This long-term loan fund is considered a financial resource in financial aid eligibility and requires notifying the Financial Aid Office by filling out a Revision Request form.
  • Student must keep lender updated on his or her own enrollment status.
  • It is your responsibility to consult Administrative Director for information on the repayment schedule for these loans.

Authorized to sign these forms: Andrew Brusletten, Kelly Campbell.

To ensure that your needs are met in a timely matter, it is recommended that you contact the Administrative Director within a week. Emergency loans typically take up to a week to process.

Other UW Financial Aid Resources

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Loan Sources

Louis & Gertrude Rubenstein Endowed Memorial Short- and Long-Term Loan Fund, Goodrich Short- Term and Long Term Loan Fund and the Pharmacist Union Loan Fund.

Non-Resident Tuition

The residency requirements for in-state PharmD tuition were reviewed in July 2014 by UW and other State officials. Employment of 30 hours or more per week is no longer a residency requirement for PharmD students, effective Autumn Quarter 2014. Students must still provide documentation of other criteria located on the UW Residency website. For more information, visit the Residency page for Graduate and Professional Students (Office of the Registrar).


Endowed Funds

  • The following endowed funds contributed to scholarships in recent years:
  • Adam Christopher Hansen Endowed Scholarship
  • Andjelkovic-Connell Endowed Student Support Fund
  • Bracken Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Brady Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Class of 1969 Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Dennis K. Lam Memorial Scholarship
  • Doug Black Endowed Fund
  • Douget Endowed Scholarship
  • George & Evelyn Benson Endowed Scholarship
  • George Grebenicoff Fund
  • Hennum Endowed Scholarship for Pharmacy Leadership
  • Hinman Endowed Fund
  • Immunex Endowed PharmD Fund
  • Leo A. Kushner Endowment
  • Orr Endowed Fund Pharmacy
  • Osinski-Beers Endowed Fund in Pharmacy
  • Practice Enrichment Gift Fund
  • Quick Endowment
  • Robert Lohr Fund for Excellence
  • Rubenstien Memorial Endowed Fund
  • Shabir and Salma Somani Endowed Student Support Fund
  • Sid and Joan Nelson Endowment for Excellence
  • The Lau Family Endowment
  • Thomas A. and Kathleen M. Baillie Fund
  • Vincent Endowed Scholarship

Organizational Funds

The following organizational funds contributed to scholarships in recent years:

  • Pharmacy Scholarship Support
  • Dean’s Fund for Excellence

Corporate Donors

The following corporate funds contributed to scholarships in recent years:

  • Bartell Drug Company Scholarship
  • CVS Scholarship
  • Fred Meyer Scholarship
  • Independent Pharmacy Cooperative
  • Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Kvam Endowed Fund Pharmaceutical Compounding
  • Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Co. Scholarship
  • Pharmacy Alumni Association Scholarship
  • QFC Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Rite Aid Corporation Scholarship
  • Target Leadership Scholarship
  • Walgreens Diversity Scholarship