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Scholarships and Financial Aid

UW PharmD students are encouraged to seek financial support from a variety of funding sources, including federal financial aid and School of Pharmacy scholarships. The following sections describe the processes, eligibility, and restrictions for aid packages administered by the UW Office of Financial Aid and scholarships administered by the School of Pharmacy.

School of Pharmacy Scholarships

Andrew Brusletten, Assistant Dean for Program Operations (206) 543-5818

The School of Pharmacy awards annual scholarships on the basis of academic merit, financial need and other criteria such as pharmacy practice interest area, leadership experience, language ability, diversity activity or self-identification, class year, and first-generation student status. Scholarship decisions are made through a competitive process, and funds are intended to supplement financial aid awarded through the UW Office of Student Financial Aid.

Applicants must submit a current FAFSA in order to be eligible for need-based awards. Applicants without a FAFSA may be eligible for non-need-based awards. School of Pharmacy scholarships are typically $1,000 – $3,000, but individual amounts vary. Students receiving these scholarships are not required to notify the Office of Student Financial Aid of a change in financial resources, since Student Affairs will make this notification on students’ behalf. Students experiencing other changes in financial resources (i.e., unexpected increase or decrease in personal funds) need to notify the UW Office of Financial Aid themselves.

School of Pharmacy Scholarship Process

  • Scholarship applications are made available to incoming and current students in Spring Quarter of the year prior to the disbursement. An application deadline is established, and late or missing applications will not be considered.
  • Student Affairs notifies scholarship recipients of their award around the beginning of Autumn Quarter.
  • Recipients then submit a letter thanking the donor who made the award possible.
  • The scholarship funds will be applicable to Winter Quarter tuition and disbursed to students’ tuition accounts toward the end of Autumn Quarter.

Financial Aid

UW Office of Student Financial Aid

Contact Financial Aid

Financial Aid Eligibility and Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements

The UW Office of Student Financial Aid administers federal, state, and private financial aid programs designed to help students pay for their education. Assistance is available in the form of grants and scholarships, work opportunities, and loans. An information packet describing the different programs, eligibility criteria, and application procedures may be obtained by calling (206) 543-6101 or emailing the Office of Student Financial Aid at

To be eligible for financial aid through the Office of Student Financial Aid, an individual must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, or other non-eligible citizen and admitted to the University as a matriculated, degree-seeking student.

During any registration period, an enrollment level of 11 or fewer credits is classified as part-time for financial aid purposes, which limits eligibility to Unsubsidized Stafford and GPLUS loans only. Enrollment in 12 or more credits is classified as full-time, which could qualify students for additional types of aid, such as the GUG (Graduate University Grant), the GTE (Graduate Tuition Exemption), and the Health Profession loans, depending on eligibility requirements.

A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a Renewal Application must be completed listing the University of Washington (Title IV school code 003798) to determine eligibility for financial aid. We recommend filing your FAFSA by the priority deadline in February, or if only applying for financial aid during Summer Quarter, at least 12 weeks prior to the beginning of Summer Quarter.

To be considered for Summer Quarter financial aid, you must also submit the UW summer aid application. It is important to file by the May deadline for priority processing. Normal processing time for Summer Quarter aid can take up to eight weeks depending upon when you submitted your FAFSA and if additional information is needed to evaluate your eligibility.

International students who have a SSN (obtained in order to work their allotment of hours on campus) must file the FAFSA in order to provide financial need data to the Office of Student Financial Aid. Even though they are ineligible for federal aid (and their application will show as “rejected”), the OSFA can use their data for needs assessment. International students without a SSN can submit the Financial Need Assessment Form for Non-Citizen/Permanent Residents (available through the Office of Student Financial Aid), which the OSFA will use to determine need.

Important: If at any time you incur a change in your resources, you must contact the Office of Student Financial Aid immediately and submit a Revision Request so that your financial aid can be adjusted accordingly.

The School of Pharmacy follows the University policy regarding annual credit requirements and the maximum time frame for degree completion. For more information, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid.

  • Annual Credit Requirement – Graduate and professional students must successfully complete 67% of the credits attempted in Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters.
  • Maximum Time Frame for Degree Completion – All graduate and professional students are expected to complete their degree program within a maximum time frame, which cannot exceed 150% of the average credits needed to complete the degree program.
  • The School of Pharmacy’s minimum grade point average and standards for academic progression is listed in Grading Policies and Procedures.

Withdrawals, Tuition Forfeitures and Refunds

If you drop, withdraw or stop attending school, please see UW policy by visiting Student Fiscal Services.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Consult the AACP Financial Aid and Scholarships page for pharmacy-specific funding opportunities.