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Dean’s Advisory Council of Students

Council Charge

The Dean’s Advisory Council of Students (DACS) is an inclusive committee of elected student representatives, collaborating to advise the Dean on School of Pharmacy budgets, admissions, programs, student affairs, and new initiatives.


The members of the Council include the School of Pharmacy Dean, PharmD program leadership, and three Student Representatives from each class elected by their peers.


Students Reps must participate actively in all DACS meetings, advising the Dean and PharmD program leadership, raising questions offered by classmates, discussing relevant and timely issues, and making decisions on student matters as appropriate. If Student Reps are unable to attend a meeting, they need to ensure at least one other Rep from their class will attend. PY4 students – given their rotation schedules – are not required to attend meetings; however, they are encouraged to call in to the meetings if possible and review minutes.

DACS Reps and Senior Leadership Committee

One of the Student Reps from each class will serve as a member of the School of Pharmacy Senior Leadership Committee.

Student Events Calendar

Student Reps must review the Student Events Calendar at least once a month and notify their classmates of upcoming events. Reps must ensure that students are not scheduling meetings that conflict with other major meetings, such as All-Class or All-School meetings, guest speakers, presentations, etc.

Email Listserv

Student Reps must maintain an active listserv for their class and make it available to fellow classmates and other PharmD students when needed. Student participation in this list is voluntary and must include an opt-out (unsubscribe) option.

Between-Meeting Activity

Reps must manage class-related tasks that may arise between meetings, such as requests to change the time of a final exam or rallying student participation in end-of-year surveys. Student Reps may be asked to participate in special events, such as all-class meetings or website focus groups, etc.

The DACS meeting schedule is posted on the UW PharmD Canvas site, along with a roster of the current Student Representatives for each class.