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Administrative Resources

The UW NetID

Students attending the University of Washington need a UW NetID to access computing resources at the University. These resources include a UW supported email account and access to your personal records. Students may create a UW NetID online, which requires a student’s UW student number and Private Access Code (PAC, printed on the Enrollment Confirmation Form). Students will create a password to be used with the NetID, and must not share this password with anyone. The NetID and password allow access not only to a student’s individual information, but allows access to various restricted websites such as individual course pages, School information, Catalyst online surveys, detailed sections of the UW Time Schedule, and more.

The UW NetID allows access to the MyUW portal. For more information and usage guidelines, visit the IT Connect page, About MyUW. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the MyUW portal early in the program, as it is a valuable and convenient resource which includes secure access to personal student information, as well as useful links to UW resources and systems. Students can check their grades, access the registration system, view course schedule and financial information, pay tuition, make address changes, and more. Students returning to the University after an absence may use their former UW NetID to access these services. Click here to open the MyUW portal.

UW Email

Your UW email address is composed of your UW NetID and the domain “” This email address will be used by School of Pharmacy and University officials to provide you with important information. You are expected to check your UW email account daily during the academic year. For technical support, visit the UW IT Connect UW Email page. Please note: UW Medicine policy forbids you to forward your UW email to any other email address; if you work at one of the UW hospitals, or if you are placed there during an experiential course, you must turn email forwarding off. 

In addition, there have been pervasive issues with legitimate emails going to spam folders for individuals who forward their UW email.

Class Email Lists

The Office of Professional Pharmacy Education (OPPE) maintains moderated email listservs for each class year of PharmD students. These lists are only used for email sent by this office. Students wishing to send an email to their classmates or other PharmD class years may contact their student representatives, who manage student-run email lists.

Email notifications from Student Affairs may come from multiple email addresses, so please read all messages from us carefully.

Name Changes (and other updates)

Students are responsible for updating their directory information (e.g., official name, preferred name, e-mail address, current address, telephone, emergency contacts, and authorization to release information). Please take the steps below to ensure that instructional records and other documents reflect the most accurate and up-to-date information:

  • Update your profile at Identity.UW
  • Send the updated information to Student Affairs at
  • Optional: contact current or upcoming instructors to alert them to the change(s) and ensure they use the most up-to-date directory information in their class rosters

Student Directory Information

Student Affairs does not manage a student directory, but email and telephone numbers are available through the UW Directory provided the student authorizes release of directory information to the public. Please note that at this time, the Faculty and Staff search feature in the directory is open to the public, but the “search students” feature requires UW NetID login to view.

Please visit this page for more information: About the Student Directory. Students are responsible for setting their own directory information to either restrict or allow release.

South Campus Center

South Campus Center, located south of the Magnuson Health Sciences Building, offers study rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, event spaces, and a UW Postal Service mailbox, as well as the PharmD Student Lounge.

Registered student organizations may reserve rooms in South Campus Center and the Health Sciences Building. Reservations are made via the Room Reservations website. Early reservation is strongly encouraged. For more information on room reservation policies and potential costs, go to the Health Sciences Room Reservations website. You may also visit their office in T291, Health Sciences Building. Visit the room matrix for detailed information about individual rooms and study spaces, including photos, capacity, technology and other equipment.

PharmD Student Lounge

The PharmD Student Lounge is located in Room 239 in South Campus Center. Visit the PharmD Student Lounge page for complete information on access, amenities, printer usage, and cleaning.

Verification of Enrollment/Education Procedure

Students who need documentation of their enrollment in the UW PharmD program for housing, insurance purposes, or intern registration in other states should contact their academic advisor. Please indicate if the enrollment verification requires the signature of a school official or needs to be embossed with the School seal.

Indemnification Coverage

The University of Washington provides coverage for its pharmacy students when registered and paying tuition in PharmD coursework at the UW and engaged in School of Pharmacy-approved educational activities related to that course (see below). “…the University will provide legal defense, indemnification, and protection from any expenses connected with the defense, settlement or payment of monetary damages related to actions, claims or proceedings instituted against… students while acting at the direction or specific request of the University in the course of responsibilities imposed by approved programs of the University, provided that the above provisions will not apply to actions, claims or proceedings arising out of acts taken in bad faith. The following are examples of types of conduct which will normally be deemed to have been taken in bad faith: (1) The act was committed with the willful intention of causing injury or harm, or was reckless or malicious in nature. (2) The act was committed in willful violation of law or University regulations. (3) The act was committed while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.” This policy has been established according to the requirements of RCW 28B.20.250, RCW 28B.20.253, RCW 28B.20.255 and RCW 69.50.101.

University Libraries

As a student of the University of Washington, you have access to the extensive system of UW Libraries, including multiple campus libraries, interlibrary loan, online collections, study spaces, computer spaces, as well as many librarians and staff members who can help you navigate resources for research. Students in the School of Pharmacy will find many of the references needed for pharmacy classes in the Health Sciences Library or Suzzallo/Allen Libraries.

Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library (HSL) is located on the second and third floors of the T-Wing (T334) in the Health Sciences Building (HSB). Students have access to extensive print and electronic resources and databases, the Pharmacist Toolkit page with a collection of field-specific resource links, as well as librarians and staff members to help navigate resources and support learning. The Health Sciences Library also includes study rooms, a drop-in computer lab, printers, scanning stations and more, and tours are available. The University Book Store maintains a vending machine in the Health Sciences Library for purchase of Scantron forms for exams, and other supplies, with additional machines in the Suzzallo and Odegard Libraries on upper campus. The Odegard Writing & Research Center (OWRC) offers writing tutor services in the Health Sciences Library as well as in Odegard.

Library hours change quarterly and during holidays and interim periods (finals week, between quarters, etc.). By special agreement between the School of Pharmacy and the Health Sciences Library, Pharmacy students who purchase a Health Sciences Access Card may use this card to enter and use the Health Sciences Library after hours. Students must abide by HSL rules for After-Hours Access.

Odegaard Writing & Research Center (OWRC)

The Odegaard Writing & Research Center (OWRC) offers several programs, including a writing center and research commons, and offers writing center hours in the Health Sciences Library as well as in the Odegaard Library.

Student Technology Loan Program

The Student Technology Fee supports the Student Technology Loan Program (STLP), which allows students to check out a range of electronic equipment (such as PC and MAC laptops, projectors, digital and video cameras, audio equipment, calculators, tablets and more) at no additional cost. The Health Sciences Building (HSB) Office is located in the HSB I-Wing, Room 1-146 (in the Rotunda area). On upper campus, the Kane Hall (KNE) Office is in the basement of Kane Hall, Room 035.

UW Information Technology

UW Information Technology is the central IT organization providing critical technology support to all three campuses, UW medical centers and global research operations. You will find a variety of resources through their IT Connect website, including:

  • UW NetID
  • Email System, including guidelines and rules, calendaring, UW Google Apps
  • Software and Hardware
  • Teaching and Learning Spaces and Tools, including Canvas
  • Learning Technology Workshops
  • Appropriate Use
  • Security

Contact UW Information Technology:, (206)221-5000, or use online contact form.


PharmD students entering their first professional year are assigned lockers in the Health Sciences Building. Locker assignments expire after the third professional year, as fourth-year students are on APPE rotations. Students may need to share a locker with one of their classmates. Changes in locker assignments will not be made except in cases of physical need. Students who forget their locker combination should contact Student Affairs. If a locker combination is incorrect or your locker is jammed, please contact Classroom Services at (206) 543-6729 or visit their office in HSB T291A.

Lost and Found

Health Sciences Academic Services & Facilities maintains a lost and found.