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PharmD Student Lounge

Location & Access

The PharmD Student Lounge is located in Room 239 in South Campus Center. Your Husky Card will allow access to the building after hours. You must carry your Husky Card to remain in the building after hours. At all times, you will need a School of Pharmacy password to open the door to the lounge. Contact your Student Representatives if you forget the access code.

The Student Lounge is intended to serve as a resource, study, meeting and relaxation center for PharmD students. Amenities of the lounge include a computer, printer, fridge, microwave, sink, TV, phone, glass whiteboards, locking storage cupboards for organizations, conference tables and chairs, and several other kitchen items. Students are responsible for keeping the lounge clean (see Cleaning Policy below).

Printer Usage

The printer in the lounge is intended as a backup to other printing resources, including those on campus and at home. Student Affairs provides one toner cartridge per month for the Student Lounge printer. Students must supply their own paper. The printers have fixed private UW IP addresses. Please do not change printer settings or reset them to factory default. Doing so will break any current connections and may compromise security. Documents saved to the computer hard drives may be periodically deleted, so we recommend the use of a flash drive or cloud-based storage.

Cleaning Policy

Student organizations that have assigned storage lockers in the Student Lounge will be responsible for monitoring and cleaning the PharmD Student Lounge and 4th-floor microwave.

Deep cleaning should take place occasionally throughout the year with spot cleaning in between deep cleaning sessions.

Cleaning Activities

  • Clean the microwaves
    • Include the microwave on the 4th floor T-wing (see map to the right for specific location)
  • Clean the fridge
    • Throw away old and expired food/condiments, wipe down shelves, wipe down outside of fridge
  • Vacuum the floor
    • Use available vacuum stored in Student Lounge
  • Throw away any garbage
  • Straighten up chairs, tables, printers, whiteboards, etc.
  • Clean the sink, dishes, Keurig machine, and counters

4th Floor Microwave Location

The microwave is located on the 4th floor near the Bracken Lab hallway on the far west side of the building near the elevator. Please see the map below for more details


This policy was developed by the Student Representatives on the Dean’s Advisory Council of Students. Email if you have questions.