Experiential Education

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The goal of the experiential learning program is for students to progressively build skills, apply knowledge to solve problems, and foster development of a positive attitude toward their patients and profession in actual practice sites. Sixty-four academic credits are devoted to helping students achieve this goal.

Beginning in the first professional year (PY1) of the professional program, students will work on attaining competencies for the required introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs). Students will complete the Introductory Community Practice Experience series (PHARMP 511/512/513/514) in consecutive quarters from winter of PY1 through winter of PY2. Students will then complete the Introductory Institutional Practice Experience series (PHARMP 531/532/533) in consecutive quarters from spring of PY2 through winter of PY3. For both IPPEs, the on-site experiences are typically completed during the summer months. The final IPPE is the Introductory Clinical Practice Experience (PHARMP 541), which students will complete in spring quarter of PY3.

Interprofessional Education (IPE): Students in the Class of 2015 completed Interprofessional Education activities in PY3, integrated with other coursework. Students in the Class of 2016 and beyond will complete PHARMP 522: Foundations of Interprofessional Practice in Autumn, Winter and Spring of PY3. For the Class of 2018, effective Autumn 2016: the title of PHARMP 522 is changing to Foundations of Interprofessional Practice II (though no IPE Foundations I is required for those PY3 students taking PHARMP 522 in academic year 2016-2017). For the Class of 2019 and beyond: Both PHARMP 521 in PY2 and PHARMP 522 in PY3 (Foundations of Interprofessional Practice I and II) are required. The total number of credits required for graduation remains the same for all class years in the program.

Students will complete a minimum of 54 credits of Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) in PY4.

Please refer to the Experiential Learning Course Information page for IPPE and APPE course syllabi, information about prerequisites, registration and degree progression. Students should refer to the complete four-year curriculum sheet for their class year, available on the PharmD Current Students Canvas site.