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Department of Pharmacy Faculty

Rachel Allen, Clinical Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Community practice; clinical community pharmacy services

Gail Anderson, Professor
Research Focus: Clinical pharmacokinetics; epilepsy and neurotrauma

Aasthaa Bansal, Research Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Biostatistics

Larry Bauer, Professor
Research Focus: Drug interactions; individualization of drug therapy

Douglas Black, Associate Professor
Research Focus: Antibiotic resistance; surveillance mechanisms

Denise Boudreau, Affiliate Associate Professor
Research Focus: Drug safety research and surveillance; methods in pharmacoepidemiology

Josh J. Carlson, Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Comparative effectiveness research; value of information analysis in health technology evaluation; biomarker development and implementation

Colleen Catalano, Clinical Associate Professor
Reseach Focus: Interprofessional education; cardiology; medication safety

Lingtak-Neander Chan, Associate Professor
Research Focus: Nutrient-drug interactions; bariatric medicine

Jennifer Danielson, Assistant Professor; Director of Experiential Education
Research Focus: Interprofessional education (IPE); experiential education

Karan Dawson, Clinical Associate Professor; Consulting Pharmacist, UW Pharmacy Cares
Research Focus: Education and professional development; human behavior and communication; geriatrics

Beth Devine, Associate Professor
Research Focus: Comparative effectiveness research and clinical research informatics; evidence synthesis/network meta-analysis; improvement science and medication safety

Donald F. Downing, Institute for Innovative Pharmacy Practice "I2P2" Endowed Clinical Professor
Research Focus: Implementation of innovative pharmacy practice; improving public health through optimal pharmaceutical delivery

Allan Ellsworth, Professor
Research Focus: Prevention therapy in primary care; wilderness medicine

Jean Feagin, Senior Lecturer; Practicum Director of Biomedical Regulatory Affairs Master of Science Program
Research Focus: Molecular and biochemical parasitology; regulatory affairs

Louis P. Garrison Jr., Professor; Interim Director of Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research & Policy Program
Research Focus: National and international health policy issues; economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics

Amber Glass, Clinical Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Pharmacy practice; residency training and impact

Alvin Goo, Clinical Associate Professor
Research Focus: Primary care; clinical application of primary literature

Shelly L. Gray, Professor; Director of Geriatrics Program; Vice Chair of Curriculum and Instruction
Research Focus: Pharmaceutical care for the elderly living in a community setting; frailty and physiology of aging

Dana P. Hammer, Senior Lecturer; Director of Teaching Certificate Program in Pharmacy Education
Research Focus: Student professional development and assessment

Ryan Hansen, Acting Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Cost-effectiveness modeling; comparative effectiveness research; medication safety

Thomas K. Hazlet, Associate Professor; Director of Biomedical Regulatory Affairs Master of Science Program
Research Focus: Drug regulation; pharmaceutical policy; bioethics

Mary F. Hebert, Professor; Director of UW Obstetric-Fetal Pharmacology Research Unit
Research Focus: Clinical pharmacology in pregnancy and lactation; pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics of immune modulators

John R. Horn, Professor
Research Focus: Drug interactions

Michaelene Kedzierski, Clinical Professor; Substance Abuse Consultant; Associate Director of Counseling Services
Research Focus: Substance abuse/addiction; underserved community healthcare; health literacy

Susan Lakey, Clinical Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Psychotropic medication use in older adults; medication adherence and medication management capacity in older adults; medication related problems in older adults

Jeannine McCune, Professor
Research Focus: Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of anticancer agents; in vitro/in vivo drug interaction studies involving cytochrome P450 enzymes

Leigh Ann Mike, Clinical Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Geriatrics; intensive care medicine

Nanci Murphy, Lecturer; Associate Dean, School of Pharmacy
Research Focus: Pharmacy education; geriatric practice

Peggy Odegard, Department Chair and Shirley & Herb Bridge Endowed Professor; Director of UW Pharmacy Cares
Research Focus: Diabetes; geriatrics; medication-related problems; patient adherence; continuity of care

Teresa O'Sullivan, Lecturer; Director of Experiential Education
Research Focus: Pharmacy education; drug allergy

Danny D. Shen, Professor
Research Focus: Pharmacokinetics; pathophysiologic factors affecting first-pass drug extraction at the liver and the intestine; transport processes governing delivery of anticonvulsants and opioid analgesics to the central nervous system; effects of natural products on drug disposition processes (St. John's wort, garlic products, curcumin)

Shabir Somani, Clinical Professor; Assistant Dean, School of Pharmacy
Research Focus: Pharmacy administration; health technology assessment

Sean D. Sullivan, BScPharm, PhD; Dean, School of Pharmacy; Professor of Pharmacy, Public Health and Medicine (Adjunct)
Research Focus: Economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals; health technology assessment; medical decision making

Elyse Tung, Clinical Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Travel medicine; geriatrics; medication therapy management

David Veenstra, Professor; Associate Director of PORPP and Director of PORPP Graduate Programs
Research Focus: Cost effectiveness modeling in pharmaceutical outcomes; pharmacogenomic-based therapies

Stanley S. Weber, Associate Professor; Associate Dean and Director of Joint External Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program, School of Pharmacy
Research Focus: Pharmacy education

Brian Werth, Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Antimicrobial resistance and pharmacokinetics

Cathy Yeung, Acting Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Drug metabolism/transport; chronic kidney disease; drug safety/drug interactions

Emeritus Department of Pharmacy Faculty Members

Jacqueline S. Gardner
Philip D. Hansten
Joy B. Plein