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The Department of Pharmacy is situated on the third floor of the H wing of the Magnuson Health Sciences Center in the University of Washington Medical Center.

Department of Pharmacy
University of Washington
HSB H-375, Box 357630
Seattle, Washington 98195-7630For package delivery:
University of Washington
Department of Pharmacy
1959 NE Pacific Street
Health Sciences Building, Room H-375
Seattle, WA 98195-7630Phone (Main Office): (206) 543-6788
Fax: (206) 543-3835

Department Contacts

The University of Washington Department of Pharmacy welcomes your comments and inquiries. Please contact one of us to learn more about how to connect with the Department, its faculty, students and programs.

Driving Directions

Directions from I-5

Directions to S-1 parking lot from I-5
Exit I-5 at NE 45th Street. Turn onto NE 45th Street (turn right if coming from the south, left if coming from the north), and continue east to 15th Avenue N.E. Turn right onto 15thAvenue N.E, travel south – approximately 7 blocks, crossing the NE Pacific Street intersection. At the bottom of 15th Avenue N.E., turn left onto NE Boat Street. Travel east a short distance on Boat Street to Columbia Road. Follow Columbia Road to the Gatehouse.

Stop at the Gatehouse and request a parking space in the S-1 parking lot. It is the closest lot to the School of Pharmacy. There are 10 general spaces available in the S-1 parking lot. If a space is available you will directed to park. If no space is available you will be directed to another lot by the Parking Specialist. Request a map and directions back to H-wing from the Parking Specialist at this time.

Parking on campus currently costs $15 per day; pay the Parking Specialist at the Gatehouse. You will receive a ticket that you are to place on the dashboard of your vehicle where it can clearly be seen by Campus Parking Enforcement.

On completing your visit, request a parking coupon from your host. –On your way out, present your ticket and coupon for a full refund of your parking fee.
Directions to the Department of Pharmacy from the S-1 parking lot

After parking in the S-1 lot, cross the street to the north, and enter the H-wing building by taking the stairs from the street to the courtyard and enter the building through the glass doors on the right. You will have entered on the first floor where the Department of Medicinal Chemistry is located. To get to the Department of Pharmaceutics on the 2nd floor or to the Department of Pharmacy on the 3rd floor, take the elevator directly in front of you.

If you have been directed to another lot, follow the directions back to the H-wing given to you by the Parking Specialist. Make your way to the H-wing elevators.

The Office of the Dean (H-364), the Dean’s Conf Rm (H-370), Pharmacy Academic and Student Programs (H-362), Office of Advancement (H-388), Advancement and Corporate Relations (H-364), Department of Pharmacy offices (H-375), and the Department of Pharmacy Conf Rm (H371) are all located on the third floor.

Directions from the Eastside, via SR-520 freeway

Take the Montlake Boulevard exit and move into left hand lane but continue north on Montlake Blvd. and cross the drawbridge. Turn left onto NE Pacific Street at the first traffic light after the drawbridge. Continue west on NE Pacific St. to 15th Avenue NE. Turn left onto 15th Avenue. Proceed to parking services booth for directions and parking information. See above paragraphs for more information about parking.

By Bus

For Metro bus service to and from the University District, see UW Bus Routes

Campus Maps:

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