Teaching Certificate in Pharmacy Education

Please note we are in process of confirming dates for the 2022-23 academic year.

The University of Washington School of Pharmacy offers a variety of opportunities to enhance the resident’s experience in precepting, teaching, and facilitating small groups.  Opportunities include Preceptor Training, Introduction to Teaching, Teaching Certificate in Pharmacy Education, and Co-instructing for the 1st – 3rd year Skills courses in the PharmD program.

Residents may elect to enroll in the Teaching Certificate (Workshops I-VI) or the basic introduction to teaching and precepting (Workshop I-II).  Co-instructor opportunities with the SOP are also available.

All Residents should attend the Preceptor Training Orientation.

8:30am – 5pm
Workshop I Location: SOCC 303 (in person)
Introduction to teaching

  • Good teaching
  • Crafting goals and objectives
  • Academia
  • Presentation skills
  • Teaching opportunities
8:30am – 5pm
Workshop II Location: SOCC 303 (in person)
Group facilitation skills, teaching philosophy 

  • Preceptor training (AM) – No charge if only attending preceptor training
  • Facilitation skills
  • Developing your teaching philosophy
08/25/2022 – 03/2023 Workshops I – VI Teaching Certificate in Pharmacy Education (Attend all workshops)

Workshops I and II (in person)

Workshop II-VI will be online via Zoom


  • Four additional mandatory Thursday evening workshops from 5:30-7:30pm (remote) dates to be announced.
  • 10/2022
  • 11/2022
  • 1/2023
  • 3/2023
  • Mentorship meetings with assigned UW Faculty Mentor


Co-Instructor for Skills Courses

Opportunities to develop teaching skills with PY1-PY3 PharmD students.

As the UW SOP transitions to the new curriculum, available co-instructor sessions are limited and priority will be assigned to those enrolled in the Teaching Certificate.

Sign up for the Co-Instructor slots with info about quarter and time will be sent to registered participants at 8am on 9/1/2023.


Commitment as specified by course instructor

Prepare and facilitate portions of the skills session each week

Grading, assessing, and providing feedback

Courses available: 

Fall Quarter:

PY1 PHRMCY 541 Pharmacist provider readiness I

PHARM 598 Seminar in current pharmacy topics

Winter Quarter:

PY1 PHRMCY 542 Pharmacist provider readiness II

PY1 PHRMCY 531 Pharmacotherapeutics 1

Spring Quarter:

PY1 PHRMCY 543 Pharmacist provider readiness III

Teaching Certificate Requirements:

Attend Workshops I-VI

Co-instructor for either PHRMCY 541 series, PHRMCY 531, or PHRMCY 598 elective

Teaching mentor meetings

The teaching mentor offers access to the UW SOP faculty and their expertise in pharmacy education.

Communicate and schedule meetings with teaching mentor for reflection and advise.

Provide guidance and assist the resident’s reflection on their learning, precepting students, and presentation experiences. 

Advise the residents with their teaching philosophy and career goals.

Complete and submit all assignments and reflections by the end of August.

Teaching portfolio: participants will be required to demonstrate achievement
of program outcomes via creation of a portfolio:

-Curriculum Vitae
-Teaching philosophy (personal statement on teaching)
-Teaching materials (Lectures, presentations, inservices)
-Course Syllabi (clerkship orientation / manual)
-Peer evaluation

-Student evaluations
-Self reflection
-Seminar / Lecture reflection
-Small group facilitation
-APPE preceptorship

Registration and Fees for the Workshops and Teaching Certificate:

Attend workshops and complete assignments for: Fees:
Precepting Training only Workshop II (9/15/2022 AM) If only this portion of training, no fee incurred
Introduction to Teaching Workshops I and II $175.00
Teaching Certificate in Pharmacy Education (TCPE) Workshops I – VI $350.00

Registration and Payment are in 2 different forms.  Please make sure to fill out both.  If your Residency Program is funding payment via UW Budget code, please have them fill out the form in 2 for you.

1. Registration

Registration: https://forms.gle/VPpBer9kYwDXC5Di8 
Please note that some institutions (Providence) might block access to Google Docs, so you may need to access this link off site or through a personal device.

Other requirements:
Residents must receive a UW Net ID in order to access course information via CANVAS.  Please have your residents apply for a UW clinical affiliate faculty appointment by completing the personal data form via the website by May 31st .  Residents with previous access as a student or employee will need to complete this paperwork as well.


2. Payment

Fees for 2022 will be paid online via Credit Card or by UW budget code.   Late registration fees will be charged after mid August 15, 2022 (as outlined on the payment site).  The payment system will ask you to create an account to track your payment.  This does not need to be tied to a UW email address.




Alvin Goo, PharmD
Clinical Associate Professor
Director, Teaching Certificate in Pharmacy Education
Department of Pharmacy

Lingtak Chan, PharmD
Vice Chair and Professor
Department of Pharmacy

Jennifer Chang, PharmD
Clinical Associate Professor
Director, Preceptor Development
Department of Pharmacy

Claudia Choi, PharmD
Assistant Teaching Professor
Department of Pharmacy

Jennie Do, PharmD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacy

Jasmine Mangrum, PharmD, MPH
Assistant Teaching Professor
Department of Pharmacy

Leigh Ann Mike, PharmD
Clinical Associate Professor
Assistant Director for Education, Plein Center for Geriatric Pharmacy Research, Education, and Outreach
Department of Pharmacy

Sharon Wu, PharmD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacy