Teaching Certificate in Pharmacy Education


The teaching certificate will provide the pharmacy residents and fellows the opportunity to enrich their abilities to be effective facilitators, preceptors, and educators.


  • Describe qualities and characteristics of effective preceptors and educators
  • Demonstrate skills in teaching small groups and clinical practicum
  • Employ effective strategies to manage difficult student situations
  • Create specific learning outcomes that correspond to program outcomes
  • Design and implement various modes of instruction to achieve learning outcomes
  • Accurately assess effectiveness of instruction and achievement of learning outcomes
  • Describe roles of faculty in a pharmacy school/college
  • Discuss the relationship of ACPE and AACP to pharmacy education
  • Create a draft teaching portfolio that demonstrates development and achievements as an educator


This certificate is a self directed on-line program.

Teaching Certificate
8/23/2018 Workshop 1
9/20/2018 Workshop 2
(Due dates at online course page) Online assignments
Online reflection
Monthly meetings

Location: Bracken Pharmacy Learning Center (BPLC) T482-484 Health Sciences Building

Teaching Mentor

The teaching mentor offers the resident contact to the UW SOP faculty and their expertise in pharmacy education.

  • Review and provide guidance and reflect on the resident’s learning, precepting students, and presentation experiences.
  • Advise the resident in developing their teaching philosophy.
  • Advise with career goals.


  • Attend Workshops I and II
  • Communicate and schedule meetings with teaching mentor for reflection and advise.
  • Complete and submit all assignments and reflections by August 31, 2019.
  • Teaching portfolio: participants will be required to demonstrate achievement
    of program outcomes via creation of a portfolio:

-Curriculum Vitae
-Teaching philosophy (personal statement on teaching)
-Teaching materials (Lectures, presentations, inservices)
-Course Syllabi (clerkship orientation / manual)
-Peer evaluation

-Student evaluations
-Self reflection
-Seminar / Lecture reflection
-Small group facilitation
-APPE preceptorship

Program Fees

  • Total Certificate Program Fee: $350 (by check)
    • Please address payment to: University of Washington (SOP)
    • Please bring in person to the workshop or by mail to:
      • Alex Tu/Alvin Goo
        1959 NE Pacific Street
        Health Sciences Building, H 375
        Box 357630, Dept of Pharmacy, UW
        Seattle, Washington 98195
  • Fees are non-refundable and due in full at Workshop 1

Recipients of the Teaching Certificate will be published on this website

Program Director: Alvin Goo, PharmD, BCPS, Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy

Contact: Dr. Alvin Goo rxteachc@uw.edu

Register at https://goo.gl/forms/aR3WrGaquXOBcft83 
Please note that some institutions (Providence) might block access to Google Docs, so you may need to access this link through another machine or personal device).

Registration closes 8/16/2018