Pharmacy Resident Teaching Program

Please note we are in process of confirming dates for the 2020-20201 academic year.

The University of Washington School of Pharmacy offers a variety of opportunities to enhance the resident’s experience in precepting, teaching, and facilitating small groups.  Opportunities include Preceptor Training, Introduction to Teaching, Teaching Certificate in Pharmacy Education, and Co-instructing for the 1st – 3rd year Skills courses in the PharmD program.

Residents may elect to enroll in the Teaching Certificate (Workshops I-VI) or the basic introduction to teaching and precepting (Workshop I-II).  Co-instructor opportunities with the SOP are also available.

All Residents should attend the Preceptor Training Orientation.

08/15/2019 Workshop I UW Seattle Campus, South Campus Center room 221 TrainingIntroduction to Teaching

  • Group facilitations skills
  • Managing challenging situations
  • Providing feedback
09/12/2019 Workshop II Introduction to Teaching

UW Seattle Campus, Health Sciences Building, Bracken Pharmacy Learning Center room T482

  • Crafting objectives, setting the agenda
  • Assessing and providing feedback
  • Presentation skills
  • Developing your teaching philosophy
08/15/2019 – 02/27/2020 Workshops I – VI Teaching Certificate in Pharmacy Education

  • Attend Workshops I – VI (the first two are outlined above)
  • Four additional mandatory Thursday evening workshops from 5:45-7:30pm at
    UW Seattle Campus, Health Sciences Building, Bracken Pharmacy Learning Center room T482
  • Mentorship meetings
  • 10/17/2019 Workshop III Developing Objectives (Rotation, In-Services, Presentations), Precepting
  • 11/21/2019 Workshop IV Group Facilitation, In-Services, Presentation
  • 01/23/2020 Workshop V Presentations, Teaching Philosophy
  • 02/27/2020 Workshop VI Teaching Philosophy


Co-Instructor for Skills Courses

Opportunities to develop small group facilitation skills with PY2-PY3 PharmD students.

As the UW SOP transitions to the new curriculum, available sessions are limited (15-25 Co-Instructor positions) and priority will be assigned to those enrolled in the Teaching Certificate.

Sign up for the Co-Instructor slots with info about quarter and time is at the following link. The site will allow sign up beginning 8/16/19 at 8am PST:


  • 10 week commitment, 2 hrs weekly for one quarter
  • Prepare and facilitate portions of the skills session each week
  • Grading, assessing, and providing feedback

Courses available:

  • Fall Quarter:
    • Applied Therapeutics skills (PY3 students)
      • 1 Resident per session
  • Winter Quarter:
    • Applied Therapeutics skills (PY3 students)
      • 1 Resident per session
    • Pharmacotherapeutic Foundation and OTC (PY1 students)
      • 4-5 Residents per session
  • Spring Quarter:
    • Applied Therapeutics skills (PY2 students)
      • 1 Resident per session

Teaching Certificate Requirements:

  • Attend Workshops I-VI
  • Teaching mentor meetings
    • The teaching mentor offers access to the UW SOP faculty and their expertise in pharmacy education.
    • Communicate and schedule meetings with teaching mentor for reflection and advise.
    • Provide guidance and assist the resident’s reflection on their learning, precepting students, and presentation experiences. 
    • Advise the residents with their teaching philosophy and career goals.
  • Complete and submit all assignments and reflections by August 31, 2020.
  • Teaching portfolio: participants will be required to demonstrate achievement
    of program outcomes via creation of a portfolio:

-Curriculum Vitae
-Teaching philosophy (personal statement on teaching)
-Teaching materials (Lectures, presentations, inservices)
-Course Syllabi (clerkship orientation / manual)
-Peer evaluation

-Student evaluations
-Self reflection
-Seminar / Lecture reflection
-Small group facilitation
-APPE preceptorship

Registration and Fees for the Workshops and Teaching Certificate:

Attend workshops and complete assignments for: Fees:
Precepting Training Workshop I
Introduction to Teaching Workshops I and II $175.00
Teaching Certificate in Pharmacy Education (TCPE) Workshops I – VI $350.00

Program Fees

  • Fees can be paid by check or arrangement by Residency Program
    • Please address payment to: University of Washington (SOP)
    • Please bring in person to the workshop or by mail to:
      • Alex Tu/Alvin Goo
        1959 NE Pacific Street
        Health Sciences Building, H 375
        Box 357630, Dept of Pharmacy, UW
        Seattle, Washington 98195
  • Fees are non-refundable and due in full at Workshop 1


Please note that some institutions (Providence) might block access to Google Docs, so you may need to access this link through another machine or personal device).

Registration closes 8/15/2019


Alvin Goo, PharmD
Clinical Associate Professor
Director, Teaching Certificate in Pharmacy Education
Department of Pharmacy

Lingtak Chan, PharmD
Vice Chair and Professor
Department of Pharmacy

Jennifer Chang, PharmD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Director, Preceptor Development
Department of Pharmacy

Jennie Do, PharmD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacy

Leigh Ann Mike, PharmD
Clinical Associate Professor
Assistant Director for Education, Plein Center for Geriatric Pharmacy Research, Education, and Outreach
Department of Pharmacy