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Department of Pharmacy

Fellowship in Immunology Therapeutics/Solid Organ Transplantation

Preceptor: Mary F. Hebert, PharmD
Institution: University of Washington
Specialty: Immunology Therapeutics/Solid Organ Transplantation
Length: Two years
Stipend: $40,000
Degree Required: PharmD
Additional Training Required: Residency
Start Date: August 1

This post-doctoral fellowship is designed to train the individual to establish an independent and collaborative progressive research practice in Immunology Therapeutics and Solid Organ Transplantation.

Research activities include: protocol design, study coordination, data collection, HPLC analysis, microsomal incubations, data analysis, presentation of results and manuscript preparation. Polymerase chain reaction analysis and cell culture technique may also be involved.

Opportunities for additional coursework and teaching experience is also available.

Contact: Mary F. Hebert, PharmD University of Washington
Department of Pharmacy
Box 357630
Seattle, WA 98195
Phone: (206) 616-5016
Fax: (206) 543-3835