Professor Shelly Gray and team found link of heavier use of common medications to  dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Mary Hebert leads the UW team studying the impact medications have on infants, pregnant and nursing women. Lee and his lab team Decoding HIV and Influenza Viruses Global Brigades in Nicaragua Kelly’s lab team

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UW School of Pharmacy Research Assistant Professor Ryan Hansen, PhD, PharmD

Hansen study finds for new users, sleeping pills may double car crash risk

Three prescription sleeping aids are associated with an increase in motor vehicle crashes, according to a study by the University of Washington School of Pharmacy and the Group Health Research Institute. The research was published today in the American Journal of Public Health. The research, led by Ryan Hansen, UW assistant professor of pharmacy,... Read more...

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Pharmacy Assistant student attending to patients during practicum training in rural pharmacies in Malawi

Innovative Pharmacy Training Does a World of Good in Malawi

New Pharmacy Assistants Graduate, Improving Patient Care at Critically Understaffed Rural Health Centers When most of us think of our local pharmacy, we take certain things for granted. We expect that the medications prescribed to us will be in stock and that the well-educated pharmacist staff will give us clear... Read more...

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