Professor Shelly Gray

Researching Dementia Risk

Department of Pharmacy Professor
Shelly Gray
et. al. found a significantly
increased risk for developing dementia,
including Alzheimer’s disease, linked to
heavier use of commonly used medications
with anticholinergic effects.

Professor Shelly Gray

Mary F. Hebert

Professor Hebert is the Director
of the University of Washington
Obstetric-fetal Pharmacology
Research Unit,
core member of
the UW Center for Ecogenetics
and Environmental Health and member
of the UW Institute of
Translational Health Sciences.

Abhi Nath

Medicinal Chemistry faculty
member Dr. Abhinav Nath
studies the roles of
protein dynamics in
disease, drug metabolism,
and the body’s response to
oxidative stress. Learn more
about our
of Medicinal Chemistry.


Find out why our students
choose to begin their career
as Pharmacists at the Top 10
School of Pharmacy located
at the world-class University
of Washington.


A leader in HIV vaccine
research, Dr. Shiu-Lok Hu
of the Department of
Pharmaceutics received a
$6.7 million grant from the
Gates Foundation for
his pioneering work.
Learn more about our
Department of Pharmaceutics.


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