Prerequisite Info

Students are admissible to the School of Pharmacy PharmD Program only after the completion of the college-level prerequisites noted below, generally taking three years to complete. Preference may be given to applicants who have earned a BA, BS or higher degree. The courses listed below MUST be taken at any accredited college, university or community college in the United States. Courses must be approved by the School of Pharmacy and must have a passing grade; they cannot be taken Pass/No Pass. The Admissions Committee strongly recommends completion of science and mathematics courses within the last five years.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The UW School of Pharmacy recognizes that in response to the COVID-19 situation, many colleges and universities have temporarily changed to a Pass/No Pass or Credit/No Credit grading system for the Winter 2020 and Spring 2020 terms. We will accept prerequisite courses taken Pass/No Pass  or Credit/No Credit during these terms. Prerequisite courses taken prior to winter 2020 must show a letter grade. Please contact the School of Pharmacy admissions team at for any additional questions.

Students who have questions about the acceptability of their coursework should contact one of our advisors at (206) 543-6100 or

NOTE: We also have individual prerequisite lists for Washington State schools and some out-of-state schools across the United States.

UW student pharmacists train in our Bracken Pharmacy Learning Center lab

UW student pharmacists train in our Bracken Pharmacy Learning Center lab

Students who have not completed the prerequisites may apply, provided they will complete any remaining prerequisites by the end of Spring Term.

NOTE: The Admissions Committee highly recommends that sequence courses (General Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry) be completed at one institution.

You may take your prerequisites at different schools; however, you need to be careful with sequence courses, e.g., biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry. If you begin a science series at one school and finish at another, it is possible that all of the required components of the course descriptions may not be met with the result of not satisfying the pre-requisite. The UW School of Pharmacy may ask for syllabi or course descriptions for any course in order to determine if it meets our requirements.

Prerequisite Courses Quarter Courses Semester Courses

Anatomy & Physiology
(The UW equivalent is P Bio 375 & 376)Full A&P course sequence OR one standalone anatomy and one standalone physiology course. Labs strongly recommended but not required. Must cover all of the human body.
2 courses 2 courses

(The UW equivalent is Bioc 405, 406) One semester or two quarters of biochemistry. Labs are not required.
2 courses 1 course

General Biology
(The UW equivalent is Biology 180, 200, 220) Full year biology series. Labs are required.
3 courses 2 courses

General Chemistry
General Chemistry – must complete full series with labs
(The UW equivalent is Chemistry 142, 152, 162) Full year general chemistry series intended for science majors. Labs are required.
3 courses 2 courses

Organic Chemistry
(The UW equivalent is Chemistry 237, 238, 239, 241, 242) Full year organic chemistry series. Labs are required.
3 courses 2 courses

English Composition
(The UW equivalent is Eng 131 and 281 or any two Eng Comp (C) courses) Two courses in English Composition or academic writing. Waived with completion of a bachelor’s degree. ESL courses are not accepted towards the composition requirement.
2 courses 2 courses

(The UW equivalent is Math 124 or 112) First course in a calculus series required.
1-2 courses 1 course

(The UW equivalent is Stat 220 or 311; Q Sci 381 is also accepted) One course in statistics, statistical methods, or statistical reasoning.
1-2 courses 1 course

(The UW equivalent is Microbiology 301, 302. Microbiology 442 can also be accepted) One course in general microbiology. Lab required.
1-2 courses 1 course

Interpersonal Communications/Public Speaking/Intercultural Communications
(The UW equivalent is Comm 220, 270, or 320) One course in interpersonal communication, public speaking, or speech.
1 course 1 course

(The UW equivalent is Econ 200) One course in microeconomics. Macroeconomics courses are NOT acceptable for this requirement.
1 course 1 course

Humanities Electives
(The UW equivalent is VLPA courses) One humanities course. Examples include but are not limited to art/art history, dance, music, theatre, religion, literature, and classics.
1 course 1 course

Social Science Elective
(The UW equivalent is I&S courses) One social science course. Examples include but are not limited to anthropology, (most) gender studies, history, macroeconomics, psychology, philosophy, and sociology.
1 course 1 course