Application FAQ

Does the UW School of Pharmacy require a supplemental application?

The UW School of Pharmacy no longer requires a separate supplemental application. Applicants only need to apply through PharmCAS.

Is there a minimum Cumulative GPA requirement for applying to the Pharm.D. program?

A Cumulative GPA 3.0 or above is considered most competitive for offer of interview. Depending on the size and strength of the applicant pool in any given year, a cumulative GPA between 2.8 and 2.99 may be considered.

What is the minimum grade requirement for the Prerequisite GPA?

A Prerequisite GPA 3.0 or above is considered most competitive for offer of interview. Although there is no minimum grade required for each prerequisite class, grades below 2.7 are generally not considered competitive. Applicants may be encouraged to retake coursework. The prerequisite GPA is calculated using grades from the following prerequisite courses: Biology with labs, General Chemistry with labs, Organic Chemistry with labs, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Calculus, Statistics, English Composition, Microeconomics, and Public Speaking/Interpersonal Communication. All grades for repeated courses will be considered – grades for repeated courses will not be averaged.

I cannot afford the PharmCAS application fee. May I have it waived?

Students can request a fee waiver through PharmCAS. Please visit their website for deadlines.

My recommender wants to send in their own letter and not use the PharmCAS Recommendation Forms. Is this OK?

The PharmCAS recommendation form is required but recommenders can also include a letter in addition to the PharmCAS recommendation form.

What if I have already submitted the maximum number of letters of reference to PharmCAS and still need to submit an additional letter to meet your criteria?

PharmCAS allows a maximum of four letters of reference. If you still need to submit an additional letter of recommendation to fit our criteria please contact our office with this request and we will give instructions on what the next steps are.

Do I really need to submit all my transcripts to PharmCAS?

Yes. Applicants need to submit ALL collegiate level transcripts directly to PharmCAS, including Running Start, College in the High School, military transcripts, technical college transcripts or community college coursework taken for personal enjoyment. All foreign transcripts must be evaluated by one of the following certified agencies: Educational Credentials Evaluations, World Education Services or Educational Perspectives. As part of the application process, official sealed foreign transcripts must be sent directly to the UW School of Pharmacy Office of Academic and Student Programs only if an applicant is accepted to the program.  Foreign transcript evaluations are to be sent directly to PharmCAS. Applicants who do not submit all college level transcripts will be disqualified from the admissions process. If an offer of admission has already been extended, it will be rescinded if additional transcripts are discovered. Foreign coursework evaluations need to be submitted to PharmCAS even if courses are not being counted towards prerequisites.

What if the PharmCAS system does not recognize my school because it is not accredited?

If PharmCAS is not able to process a transcript from a college that you have attended, please contact our office for specific instructions on what to do.

If I submit my application too early the admissions committee will overlook my Autumn term grades?

Offer of interview is based upon calculation of all grades received through the end of Autumn quarter/semester. It is highly advisable to submit your application as early as possible since we have a rolling process. We understand that applicants’ information with regard to Autumn term grades may be updated after an application is submitted. We may review applications prior to Autumn term then re-review applications again after Autumn grades have been updated on PharmCAS. We do not make final decisions on offer of interview until all admissions information has been submitted and reviewed.

I am confused about when I should submit my transcripts to PharmCAS.

All transcripts for academic work completed should be sent to PharmCAS as early as possible. Autumn transcripts must be requested prior to the January deadline and sent to PharmCAS as soon as grades are available following the end of Autumn term. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to disqualify applicants who do not request transcripts prior to the application deadline. Applicants should update their Autumn grades during the PharmCAS Academic Update window starting in mid-December.

Do I need to take the PCAT for admissions?

The UW PharmD Program will no longer be accepting PCAT scores as part of the application and review process. This not only means that the PCAT is no longer required for admissions into the PharmD program, but that the Admissions Committee will not be reviewing any PCAT scores submitted. This approach allows us to be fair in our holistic evaluation of all candidates.

I attend a college or university that uses narrative evaluation of my courses rather than numerical or letter grades.

Applicants who have attended or received credit from a college or university which evaluates coursework through narrative transcripts rather than assigning numerical or letter grades must send an official narrative transcript to both PharmCAS and the UW School of Pharmacy. Please send narrative transcripts early; these transcripts require additional processing and review. Contact us for questions.

How do I know if my application is complete or not?

Once we have received your ¬†PharmCAS application, a “status email” will be sent to applicants stating which part(s) of the application we have received and if the application is considered complete or incomplete. Please be aware that we process a high volume of applications during Admissions and as a result, it may be several weeks before you receive this status email.

I have had some extenuating circumstances that affected my grades. Should I tell you about this?

Yes. You may disclose such information in the PharmCAS Application in the Additional Information part of the Supplemental Questions section of the PharmCAS application. This is an optional part of the application allows you to provide any additional information you would like the Admissions Committee to consider.

I found out that UW has started accepting “Early Decision” applicants. What is needed for eligibility to apply as an Early Decision applicant?

Submit a PharmCAS Application, transcript, required letters of recommendation and fee by September 3, 2019 (EST 11:59PM)

  • Preference will be given to applicants who have most of their math and science prerequisites completed at the time of application. In addition, preference may be given to applicants who have completed a prior BA, BS or higher degree. All applicants will be held to the same prerequisite and cumulative GPA thresholds that are required in the traditional admissions cycle
  • Interviews will be conducted in October in Seattle. Admissions decisions will be sent by October 21, 2019.

What if I am accepted or not accepted during Early Decision application cycle?

  • ¬†Accepted Applicants: If a student is accepted to the UW School of Pharmacy, the applicant is obligated to accept the offer and is not permitted to apply to other pharmacy schools. Acceptance is still contingent upon same acceptance standards for the traditional admissions cycle.
  • Denied Applicants: If a student is denied admission, applicants will be released back into the applicant pool and may apply to other pharmacy schools. Denied early decision applicants may NOT reapply to the standard applicant pool.
  • Deferred Applicants: If a student is not offered early decision admission but deferred for consideration in our traditional admissions cycle, the applicant will be released back into the applicant pool and may apply to other pharmacy schools.

Please visit the PharmCAS Website for more information about applying as an Early Decision applicant.