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Prerequisite Course Database

The Prerequisite Course Database is designed to help you ensure that you complete all of the coursework required for admission to the UW School of Pharmacy. The database is organized first by state and then by school (including community colleges, four-year colleges, and universities)

The UWSOP Office of Admissions is unable to complete individual transcript/prerequisite reviews. We encourage you to use our Prerequisite Self Checklist to review your transcripts and acceptable prerequisite courses. Prerequisite Course Self Check


  • All prerequisite course lists are subject to change. If you have any questions about a school or course that doesn’t appear in the database, please email
  • New starting in 2018: Applicants are now required to take Anatomy & Physiology as a prerequisite.


  1. Select a state to see the list of undergraduate schools located in that state and click on “GET PREREQUISITES”
  2. Click the plus sign “+” to reveal the prerequisite courses for the selected school
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