Waters Synapt QTOF

Waters Micromass Synapt Ion Mobility TOF/LC-MS/IMS/MS (QT oa TOF)

Manufacturer: Waters Corporation, Milford, MA, USA
*Mass range:
  • ~ 3,000 Da (Q1, resolved)
  • ~ 32 kDa (Q1, Rf only, TOF)
  • V mode > 10,000 @ FWHM
  • W mode > 26,500 @ FWHM
Ionization (±eV):
  • Z-spray Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API) Source
  • Electrospray & Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization
Inlet Systems: Waters Acquity UPLC with Autosampler, Cirect Infusion Syringe Pump, Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) and HPLC
Data System (DS):
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Micromass MassLynx® 4.1, MaxEnt®, BioLynx® ProteinLynx® Global
Acquisition Date: 2008
  • Murdock Foundation
  • Mass Spectrometry Center Equipment Budget
Predominant Uses:
  • Data dependent LC/MS/MS analysis
  • Metabonomic profiling and biomarker discovery/validation
  • Increased specificity and sample definition by the combining of high-efficiency ion mobility separations (IMS) with quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometry, enabling the differentiation of analytes in complex matrices by size, shape and charge, accurate mass measurement, and fragment analysis