The University of Washington Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy Program (PORPP) conducts research and provides graduate and external training in health outcomes and policy research on health care technologies, with a focus on drugs, diagnostics, and devices.

The overall goal of the program is to generate evidence that improves health care decisions for patients, clinicians, payers, industry and government organizations. PORPP is a nationally and internationally recognized center for pharmaceutical economics, drug safety, and pharmaceutical policy research.

Application Information

PORPP Students Ready for Graduation!

PORPP Students Ready for Graduation!

Mission of the Program

  • Conduct research on the clinical and economic effects of medicines and other health technology in patient populations
  • Provide graduate and postgraduate training in pharmaceutical outcomes research and policy
  • Disseminate timely information regarding pharmaceutical outcomes research and policies to government, the pharmaceutical industry, health care providers and the general public
  • Inform—through research and scholarship—regional, national, and international policies governing pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical services, and other medical products
  • Serve as a regional and international resource for industry research, consultation and training partnerships


Anirban Basu, PhD, Professor

Associate Director of PORPP

David L. Veenstra, Pharm.D., PhD

Director of PORPP Graduate Programs

Beth Devine, Pharm.D., MBA, PhD

Associate Director of PORPP Graduate Programs

Josh Carlson, PhD, MPH

Program Operations Specialist

Michelle Hughes
(206) 616-1383