Research Projects

The CHOICE Faculty are involved in a wide range of funded and unfunded research projects. They have been at the forefront of creating the next generation of thinkers and leaders in the field of economic evaluations, drug safety, and health care economics. They are known internationally for their work on developing and applying methods to critically assess information needs to improve population health and prioritize research investments given limited budgets. They are collaborating with some of the leading initiatives (e.g. Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER)) in the nation in assessing the value of new interventions.  In addition, the CHOICE Institute has a rich history of working with decision makers, such as patients, physicians, industry and payers, providing expertise, and facilitating collaborations at the regional, national, and global level.

The future of the CHOICE faculty is bright.  The faculty are poised to address many national and global challenges – from continued opportunities to inform national policy, to studying changes to the Affordable Care Act and triple aim health care, guiding WA state to achieve effective universal health insurance coverage,  to determining value and guiding best practices with the increase in personalized medicines, to understanding how human behavior affects medication adherence and clinical results, to the rise of technology in healthcare, to better ensuring favorable benefit-risk of medicines and other health technologies, to growing the international platform and linking with the important work done through the Global Medicines Program.

A list of active research projects are listed here. Specific projects that have generated research resources are also highlighted under specific tabs on the right.

Joseph Babigumira
Framework for return on investment in pharmaceutical quality assurance in middle-income countries. U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention, 2017 – 2019

Aasthaa Bansal
PI Disparities in the Availability of Cancer Clinical Trials: A Multi-level Analysis
Sponsor: NIH 2017-2019
Co-I (PIs: Sullivan, Ramsey) A Pragmatic Trial to Improve Colony Stimulating Factor Use in Cancer
Sponsor: PCORI 2015-2019
Co-I (PI: Thummel) Hormonal Regulation of Human CYP3A
Sponsor: NIH
Co-I (PI: Odegard)  Implementing Value-Based Collaborations to Improve Immunizations
Sponsor: National Association of Chain Drug Stores 2016-2017

Anirban Basu
PI: Empowering the Annual Health Econometrics Workshop, AHRQ, 2017-2019
PI: Value of Information Methods for NHLBI Trials (R01, NHLBI) 4/15/2015 – 3/31/2019
Co-PI, (PI Coleman, Kaiser Permanente) NHLBI R01, Effectiveness of Gastric Sleeve vs. Gastric Bypass for Cardiovascular Disease 2016-2019
Co-I: (PI: Carlson) ICER Economic Modeling ; ICER, 1/2016-12/2017
Co-I (Veenstra PI), Personalized Medicine Economics Research (PriMER) NIH/NIAAA, 2013-2018

Denise Boudreau
PI, The risks of opioid misuse, abuse and addiction among patients treated with extended-release/long acting (ER/LA) opioids for the treatment of chronic pain, Campbell Alliance, Ltd. 2015-2020.
Co-Investigator/Task Order Lead, Evaluation of the Risk of Neural Tube Defects Among Live Births Exposed to Maternal Prescription Opioids During Early Pregnancy. FDA, 2016-2019.
Co-Investigator, Primary Care Opioid Use Disorders Treatment Trial (PROUD) Coordinating Center, National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2017-2020.

Josh Carlson
PI ICER Economic Modeling ; ICER, 1/2016-12/2017
Co-Investigator (Basu PI) Value of Information Methods for NHLBI Trials; NHLBI, 2015-2019
Co-Investigator (Veenstra PI), Personalized Medicine Economics Research (PriMER) NIH/NIAAA, 2013-2018

Beth Devine
PI, UW-Allergan Post-Doctoral Fellowship,
Allergan Pharmaceuticals, 2012-2018
Site PI, Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) V, AHRQ, 2015-2019:  1) Non-Pharmacological Treatment for Pain, 2016-2017; 2) Telehealth for Acute and Chronic Consultation, 2016-2017; 3) USPSTF Breast Cancer Medications and BRCA-Related Cancer, 2016-2019
Co-I, (PI: Thompson) Patient-Centered Research for Standards of Outcomes in Diagnostic Tests, PCORI Methods, 2015-2018

Louis Garrison, Jr. 
Principal Mentor, UW-Pfizer Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 2016-2018.
Co-Inv. (PI-Chung) University of Nairobi HIV Capacity Building Fellowship. USAID, 2014-2018

Ryan Hansen
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals: Estimating the Economic Impact of H.P. Acthar Gel in Infantile Spasms; Role: Principal Investigator
AHRQ EPC-V: Telehealth for Acute and Chronic Consultation – Totten: PI; Role: Co-Investigator
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: Cost Effectiveness Analysis and Comparative Effectiveness Research of STOP2; Kessler: PI; Role: Co-Investigator 
Co-I (PI: Odegard)  Implementing Value-Based Collaborations to Improve Immunizations
Sponsor: National Association of Chain Drug Stores 2016-2017

Zachary Marcum
K12HS022982 UW K12 in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (Sullivan PI) – AHRQ. Role: Scholar
PI, Elmer M. Plein Endowed Research Fund
American College of Clinical Pharmacy Research Institute Futures Grant Program, Mentor to Laura Hart, 2016-2017

Scott Ramsey
Ramsey Sub-PI (Main PI Charles Blanke, OSHU)
Ancillary Study to Evaluate Patient and Physician Knowledge, Attitudes, and Preferences Related to Return of Genomic Results in the SWOG 1400 (S1400) Clinical Trial. Project Dates 8/2016-2/2018

Lotte Steuten
Co-PI (PI-Hsu); Statistical Methods for Genetic Epidemiologic Studies; NIH/NCI, 2015-2019
Co-I (PI: Feng/Thornquist/Pepe), The Early Detection Research Network: Data Management and Coordinating Center; NIH/NCI 2000-2021

Andy Stergachis
Co-I (PI: Babigumira) A Framework for Risk-Based Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance in LMICs. United States Pharmacopeia. 2017
PI/Mentor for Meds for All student team, Amazon Catalyst 2017-2018

Sean Sullivan
PI, CHASE K12 Training,  2014-2019, AHRQ
Co-Inv. (PI Linda Teri) From Evidence-Base to Practice: Implementing RDAD in AAA Community-Based Services. (National Institute of Aging) 2016 – 2018
PI, K-12 Mentored Career Development Program in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (AHRQ) 2012 – 2019
Co-Director, Pacific Northwest Evidence-Based Practice Center (AHRQ) 2012 – 2017
Co-Investigator, (PI-Ramsey) Pragmatic Trial of Pharmacist-based Guideline Use of CSF; PCORI; 2015 – 2019

David Veenstra
PI, Personalized Medicine Economics Research (PriMER), NIH 2013 – 2018
Co-I (PI: Thummel), Program on Genetic and Dietary Predictors of Drug Response in Rural and AI/AN Populations, NIGMS 2016 – 2018
Co-I (PI: Jarvik) Genomic Discovery and Implementation Across a Healthcare Delivery System: Enhancing a Partnership, GRI, 2016 – 2017
Co-I (PI: Jarvik) CSER RoRC Centralized Support Coordinating Center, GRI, 2013 – 2018

Davene Wright
PI, Leveraging Incentives for Obesity Prevention, American Heart Association, 2016-2018