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Joseph Babigumira, PhD

Conferences, Seminars and Programs

ISPOR 2014 Posters and Presentations

Amy Tung
Julia Slejko

ISPOR 2013 Posters and Presentations
Maria Agapova
Josh Carlson
Amy Cizik
Hepp, Forrester
Solomon Lubinga
Marita Mann
Cara McDermott
Julia Slejko
Rahber Thariani

ISPOR Europe 2013 Poster Presentations

Julia Slejko



CHASE Alliance Programs

PORPP Graduate Seminar Spring 2013

Poster Presentations and References 2012

Brian Bresnahan "A Systematic Literature Review of Economic Studies and a Cost Analysis
Related to Epidural Steroid Injections in the Elderly" June 2012
Brian Bresnahan "Developing & Implementing Patient-Resouce Use Diaries for a Clinical Trial Assessing Spinal Stenosis Interventions in the Elderly" June 2012
Josh Carlson "The Impact of Oncotype DX® Breast Cancer Assay in Clinical Practice: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis" June 2012
Ryan Hansen References
Justin Robertson "An Economic Analysis of Everolimus for Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma" June 2012

Rahber Thariani "Are Further Studies of Breast Cancer Tumor Markers Justified? A Value of Research Analysis" June 2012

Cost & Outcomes Grand Rounds, 2009
Grand Rounds

News Archive, Annual Reports and Articles

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