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Nina Isoherranen named the Milo Gibaldi Endowed Chair in Pharmaceutics

UWSOP’s Department of Pharmaceutics Chair, Nina Isoherranen, has been named the Milo Gibaldi Endowed Chair in Pharmaceutics. Isoherranen is the first woman to be honored with this appointment, which was bestowed in recognition of her ongoing and outstanding scientific and administrative contributions to both the Department and the School of Pharmacy.

Created in 1993 in honor of the late Milo Gibaldi, who served as dean of the School for 17 years, the Milo Gibaldi Endowed Professorship in Pharmaceutics was designed to focus on faculty and student research and education in advanced drug delivery systems.

“I am humbled to be recognized as the new Milo Gibaldi Chair,” Said Isoherranen. “Milo set the standard for excellence in our field and in developing pharmacokinetic theory, and he was an influential teacher and mentor. Milo’s lasting impact and legacy are felt in the department and School. This is a true honor.”

Isoherranen’s 5-year term will run through September 30, 2026.

“Dr. Nina Isoherranen embraces and supports a culture of innovative research and a commitment to student teaching and mentorship – all qualities that defined and characterized former Dean Milo Gibaldi,” said UWSOP Professor and Dean Sean Sullivan. “Appointment to the Milo Gibaldi Endowed Chair is a recognition that Professor Isoherranen embraces both the spirit and tangible qualities embodied by Dr. Gibaldi during his tenure at the University of Washington.”

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