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Alumni & Donors

PAA Board

The Pharmacy Alumni Association (PAA) is made possible by you, our UW School of Pharmacy alumni. Below are the PAA executive board members – your peers who help support the organization with their time and leadership. They welcome your input and invite you to join them as they lead the organization into another great year.

Jenny Arnold, PharmD | Chair, Event Committee
Jenny Arnold, PharmD
Class of 2006
Adam Brothers, PharmD | Chair, Katterman Committee
Adam Brothers, PharmD
Class of 2006
Chair, Katterman Committee
Gary Harris | Immediate Past-President
Gary Harris
Class of 1972
Immediate Past-President
Andrew Heinz | Chair, Membership Committee
Andrew Heinz
Class of 2013
Chair, Membership Committee
Scott Herzog, PharmD | President
Scott Herzog, PharmD
Class of 2003
Judi Mar-Burbidge, PharmD | Chair, Awards Committee
Judi Mar-Burbidge, PharmD
Class of 2000
Chair, Awards Committee
Ben Michaels
Ben Michaels
Class of 1997, 2011
1990 – 1999 Representative
Christy Weiland-Hamilton, PharmD | Chair, Mentoring Program
Christy Weiland-Hamilton, PharmD
Class of 2007
Chair, Mentoring Program

Seeking New PAA Board Members!

We are seeking individuals to fill the following new positions on the PAA Board of Directors. If you are interested in learning more about these positions or in nominating someone you know, please email, subject line “Attn: Scott Herzog.”

The PAA Board is currently seeking nominations for the following new positions. Please contact to find out more information about these opportunities:

  • Class Representative (5 spots open)

Class Representatives (these six members-at-large would be alumni leaders whose grad year would each represent a decade from the 1950s to the 2000s)
1970-1979: open
1980-1989: open
1990-1999: Ben Michaels
2000-2009: open
2010-present: open