Distinguished Alumni Award

Distinguished Alumni Award

Every year, the UW School of Pharmacy  recognizes two alumni for their outstanding work and leadership. In 2017, the awards will be presented at the annual Don B. Katterman Memorial Lecture and Dean’s Recognition Reception event on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Husky Union Building (HUB) on the UW Seattle campus.

Call for Nominations

The UW School of Pharmacy Distinguished Alumni Award Committee is calling for nominations for this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award. This award recognizes graduates who demonstrate excellence in the profession, are connected to the School, and have a positive impact on the pharmacy and research community — regionally and/or nationally. The awards are given annually by the Pharmacy Alumni Association. (PAA)

In recognition of both our professional and graduate programs at the School of Pharmacy, we will present two (2) awards this year. Please submit nominations for either a PhD or master’s degree alumnus and/or a professional pharmacy degree alumnus (PharmD or BS).

Pharmaceutical Sciences/Research

We are looking to honor a PhD or master’s degree alumnus/a whose work and research has had an impact, if not on the national level, at least on a large community level. Past winners in the Pharmaceutical Sciences/Research focus have been Hank Yamamura, William Trager, John Giovanni, William Garland, William Stavropoulos, Gail Anderson, Ken Thummel, and Mitch Higashi.

Pharmacy Practice

We are looking to honor an alumnus/a whose work has had an impact on the pharmacy community, if not on the national level, at least on a large community level. Past winners in the Pharmacy Practice focus have been Don Katterman, Rod Shafer, Shirley Bridge, Don Downing, Ryan Hansen, Jeff Rochon, and Nanci Murphy.

These awards are a wonderful opportunity to recognize two members of our Husky family who have made exceptionally significant contributions to our profession.

To honor one of our alumni, please click here and complete the nomination form by 11:59PM on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

Questions? Please contact Nicole Angus at angusnm@uw.edu.

Distinguished Alumni

In 1973, the UW School of Pharmacy and the Pharmacy Alumni Association (PAA) began giving the Distinguished Alumnus/a in Pharmacy Practice Award annually to individuals who demonstrate outstanding service to the School, the profession of pharmacy and to the community. In 1995, the Distinguished Alumnus/a in Pharmaceutical Science and Research Award was also established to honor alumni from the School’s graduate programs who have excelled in their scientific careers.

The following individuals are the recipients of this prestigious annual PAA award. Their accomplishments and the impact they have had in their respective fields cannot be understated.

Pharmacy Practice Award Recipients

2015:  Nanci Murphy, ’97
2014:  Bill Fassett, ’69
2013:  Kenneth Thummel, ’87
2012:  Jeff Rochon, ’99
2011:  Ryan Hansen, ’03, ’12
2009:  Steve Singer, ’81
2008:  Herb Tsuchiya, ’55
2006:  Warren Hall, ’79
2005:  Joy Plein, ’51, ’56
2003:  Ann Wittkowsky, ’88
2002:  Don Downing, ’75
2000:  Bev Schaefer, ’70
1999:  Ed Wong, ’71
1997:  General Jack Babcock, ’37
1996:  Shirley Bridge*, ’45
1995:  George Bartell, Jr.*, ’53, and Gayle Hudgins Cochran, ’69
1993:  Donna Dockter, ’72
1992:  Rodney Shafer, ’77
1991:  Theodore Taniguchi, ’49
1990:  Sidney Nelson, ’68
1989:  Evelyn Benson*, ’50
1988:  Virgil Sheppard, ’53
1987:  Theodore West*, ’48
1986:  Douglas McCarter, ’67
1985:  Dennis Smith, ’69
1984:  Lars Hennum, ’43
1983:  Lillie Jones*, ’60, and Don Katterman*, ’48,
1982:  Sanford Thal*, ’47
1981:  Richard Ramsey, ’55
1980:  Nathan Hall*, ’39
1979:  Peg Kronfield*, ’42
1978:  Phillip Nudelman, ’64
1977:  Raymond Ahlquist*, ’35
1976:  R.E. Duckering*, ’26, and James Ramseth, ’63
1975:  Henry Verhulst*, ’42
1974:  Louis Fischer*, ’26,
and Forest Goodrich*, ’14
1973:  George Benson*, ’47

Pharmaceutical Science and Research Award Recipients

2015:  Mitch Higashi, ’01
2014:  Larry Wienkers, ’93
2010:  Gail Anderson, ’78, ’81, ’87
2007:  Duane Miller, ’69
2004:  Hank Yamamura*, ’64, ’68, ’69
2001:  Bill Trager*, ’65
1998:  John DiGiovanni, ’74, ’78
1996:  William Garland, ’74
1995:  William Stavropoulos, ’67

*In loving memory