Give to Research

Our faculty and student researchers are developing therapies, improving care and medication safety, and studying new ways to make drug treatments more accessible, affordable and effective. UW School of Pharmacy researchers are developing solutions to the epic medical challenges of our day: a vaccination for HIV, treatments for dementia, the effect of medications on babies in the womb, and better and safer treatments for brain injuries and cancer.

Bietti’s Crystalline Dystrophy Research Fund
Gifts to this fund support the research of Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics Edward Kelly and his lab in the area of Bietti’s Crystalline Dystrophy.

Drug Interaction Database Program Fund for Excellence
General support for the Metabolism and Transport Drug Interaction Database (DIDB), a manually curated knowledge research tool for scientists and clinicians working in the field of drug metabolism and drug interactions.

Garrison Family Fund for Global Health Economics Education
To ensure the future of global health economics education, the Garrison Family Fund supports a wide range of global health education activities in the UW School of Pharmacy including: student and faculty travel for global health economics education, workshops and trainings.

Thummel Research Fund (Dr. Kenneth Thummel)
Research in Dr. Kenneth Thummel’s laboratory is focused on understanding molecular mechanisms of inter-individual differences in drug metabolism, including variability that can arise from genetic and environmental sources.

Metabolism & Transport Drug Interaction Database (DIDB)
To support educational and research activities of the DIDB Program.

Natural Products Faculty Fund
This fund supports faculty and research initiatives focused on drug/herbal interactions as a means of increasing public health.

Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research Fund
Provides financial assistance School of Pharmacy’s Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy Program (PORPP) students to study and excel in the field of health policy and economics.

Pharmaceutics Research Fund
Supports research efforts in the Department of Pharmaceutics, which often includes a critical need to support exploratory research projects and bridge gaps in grant and contract funding.

Pharmaceutics Research (Dr. Jashvant Unadkat)
Supports research in Dr. Jashvant Unadkat’s laboratory, which seeks to understand the mechanisms of metabolism and the transport of antiviral and anticancer drugs to improve therapies of cancer and viral diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis C.

Pharmaceutics Research (Dr. Rodney Ho)
Support for Dr. Rodney Ho’s research on elucidating mechanisms of protein and drug disposition, and on understanding the genetic basis of inter-individual variation in therapeutic responses.

Elmer M. Plein Research Fund in Pharmacy
In memory of Elmer M. Plein, Ph.D., who served the University of Washington and its students from 1938 until a few days prior to his death in 1994. Dr. Plein was a diligent, supportive and generous professor who expected the most of his students in scholarship, research and practice, and who was proud of their accomplishments. Generations of pharmacy students learned a philosophy of professional commitment, dedication to change, and patient-centered services through his teaching and personal example. The purpose of the fund is to encourage, promote and support research and innovative practice in pharmacy.

PORPP Health Technologies Fund
To establish the Program in Policy Research for Healthy Technologies (PPRHT) to support the activities of the Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy Program (PORPP).