Give to School Faculty

Driven to discover, our faculty are training the pharmacists, scientists and researchers who will change the world for patients and society and are opening the door to remarkable new pharmaceutical discoveries and innovative approaches to pharmacy practice.

Dean’s Fund for Excellence in Pharmacy
Gifts to this fund support faculty recruitment and research, and scholarships for deserving students.

Bailey Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Geriatrics
Established by David and Anita Bailey, this endowment supports faculty in the Plein Center for Geriatric Pharmacy Research, Education and Outreach.

Lynn and Geraldine Brady Endowed Professorship
Lynn and Geraldine Brady established this professorship to support an academic chair or faculty excellence in the School of Pharmacy, particularly in the area of natural projects research.

Shirley and Herb Bridge Endowed Professorship for Women in Pharmacy
This fund supports faculty, teaching and research in geriatrics and senior care, emphasizing women in pharmacy.

Garrison Family Fund for Global Health Economics Education

To ensure the future of global health economics education, the Garrison Family Fund supports a wide range of global health education activities in the UW School of Pharmacy including: student and faculty travel for global health economics education, workshops and trainings.

Milo Gibaldi Endowed Professorship in Pharmaceutics
In addition to supporting students, this fund provides support to the recipient of the professorship for professional activities, including salary, research in pharmaceutics, and career-development activities.

Institute for Innovative Pharmacy Practice (I2P2) Endowed Professorship
To support a faculty member whose work forwards the mission of the Institute for Innovative Pharmacy Practice (I2P2)–a premier center for training, research, and advocacy in the areas of pharmacy management, value-added pharmacy services and senior care. Learn more about the proven impact of I2P2.

Natural Products Faculty Fund
This fund supports faculty and research initiatives focused on drug/herbal interactions as a means of increasing public health.

Sid Nelson Memorial Fund
Gifts to the Sid Nelson Memorial Fund support the Sid Nelson Endowed Professorship in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry and ensure that the caliber of research Sid established will be advanced into the future.

Pharmaceutics Research (Dr. Rodney Ho)
Support for Dr. Rodney Ho’s research on elucidating mechanisms of protein and drug disposition, and on understanding the genetic basis of inter-individual variation in therapeutic responses.

Pharmaceutics Research (Dr. Jashvant Unadkat)
Supports research in Dr. Jashvant Unadkat’s laboratory, which seeks to understand the mechanisms of metabolism and the transport of antiviral and anticancer drugs to improve therapies of cancer and viral diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis C.

Pharmacy Faculty Fund
Primarily salary support for faculty but also include research assistance, graduate student and staff support, travel, supplies and equipment, including computer services, publication expenses, data acquisition and other activities that contribute.

Plein Endowed Faculty Fellowship for the Director of the Center for Geriatric Pharmacy Research, Education and Outreach
This endowment supports the faculty in the Plein Center for Geriatric Pharmacy Research, Education and Outreach.

Stergachis Family Endowed Professor and Director, Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy Program
To enhance the University’s ability to recruit and retain distinguished faculty in the Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy Program (PORPP) at the School of Pharmacy.

Thummel Research Fund (Dr. Kenneth Thummel)
Research in Dr. Kenneth Thummel’s laboratory is focused on understanding molecular mechanisms of inter-individual differences in drug metabolism, including variability that can arise from genetic and environmental sources.