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The DMTSPR Consortium will include the following deliverables:

  1. Each year, UWSOP will present research proposals related to the broad research topics enumerated above. Proposals will include mechanistic hypotheses or clearly identifiable outcomes. Each proposal will have a scope that allows for completion in two years or less. Should the project(s) extend beyond a year, an annual progress report will be provided.
  2. The number of projects is determined by the overall consortium budget; $100,000 per project is needed annually. In addition to direct project support, funding will fund students and their graduate training. The maximum number of projects in any year will be five. Additional projects will be considered if additional consortium funding is provided.
  3. Each year SOP will host a meeting at which students and/or postdocs will present results for each funded project from the previous year. New proposals will also be presented at the annual meeting and input from the consortium members will be solicited for each project.
  4. Semi-annual meetings will be held to provide updates on progress or changes to research aims.
  5. Access to graduate classes taught in UWSOP
  6. Each year, industry consortium members may solicit project proposals related to topics of particular interest.
  7. Consortium members will have early access to student seminars and student recruitment opportunities, including summer internships.