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Pharm 501 Seeking Volunteers

The first year students are currently completing a Friends and Family Assignment for PHRMCY 501: Foundations of Pharmacy I. Through this assignment, the students are working with a friend or family member who takes at least 3 medications daily to practice their clinical interviewing skills. We have a number of students who are experiencing difficulty finding a friend or family member to participate and are seeking alumni volunteers to help students.

Pharm 501 Students Seek Volunteers

Alumni should volunteer if they are taking at least 3 medications daily and are willing to support our first-year students’ learning by participating in two, 60 minute encounters. The first encounter will take place the week of October 19th. During this first encounter, the students would be conducting a comprehensive medication review and would be asking questions about their past medical and medication history. The second will be a follow-up interaction during winter quarter (late Feb/ early March). Volunteers are only asked to answer questions with which they feel comfortable and students will not submit an identifiable or personal health information to us as part of their assignment.

Please express interest to Professor Jenni Bacci by Wednesday, October 21st. Questions can also be directed to Dr. Bacci.