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Medchem Chair Kent Kunze Retires

Dr. Kent Kunze

It’s bittersweet to announce that our long-time colleague, Dr. Kent Kunze, has stepped down as Departmental Chair and retired from the faculty.  Kent has been a valued member of the faculty since 1990, and for the past 4 years he has served as ‘the Chair.’  During his time on the faculty, Kent played a critical role in the research activities that further strengthened our ‘brand’ in drug interactions and mechanistic drug metabolism.

The Iceman Ski-eth

Kent has continued to be a resource for all seeking expertise in Cytochrome P450 enzymology and inhibition.  Most recently, Kent provided leadership and vision that helped to launch new research initiatives of our younger faculty.  Kent says that the near future includes some golf, sailing, and hiking. We wish him a happy retirement and say a heartfelt ‘thanks’ for being an important part of our village.