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Huang, ’17, named UWSOP Magnuson Scholar for 2018-2019

Weize Huang, PharmD, '17, and graduate student in Pharmaceutics
Weize Huang, PharmD, ’17, and graduate student in Pharmaceutics

Congratulations to Weize Huang who was named UWSOP’s Magnuson Scholar for 2018-2019! Weize graduated with a Pharm.D. degree from UWSOP in 2017, and is currently a second year PhD student at the Department of Pharmaceutics. He is passionate about the field of pharmacometrics, a discipline that uses mathematics and computer science to illustrate, quantify, and predict the interactions among therapeutic drugs, human physiology, and disease progression.

Weize’s current research project involves the use of pharmacometric concepts and techniques to establish a mechanistic kidney model to predict drug renal clearance and drug disposition inside the kidney. Complications such as drug-induced nephrotoxicity have been shown to be more frequent in diabetic patients than normal subjects. His research is particularly relevant to the Magnuson Scholar Program as Senator Magnuson himself experienced complications from diabetes.

Nina Isoherranen, PhD, Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Pharmaceutics notes that, “From the first months that Weize was in my laboratory it became clear that he is a very highly motivated student, a hard worker and very talented. He also proved himself as a self-learner reading the background literature thoroughly and by solving research problems independently. I was very impressed with his ability to seek out faculty members and assistance in research problems independently. Overall, Weize was a truly outstanding PharmD student to have in the lab.”

Congratulations, Weize!


To study with peers like Weize Huang and research leaders in Pharmaceutics like Dr. Isoherranen, click on the link for more information about our PhD Program in Pharmaceutics.

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