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Department of Pharmacy


2015: An Historic Day in Washington

Washington was the first state in the country to require that pharmacists are included in health insurance provider networks under new legislation (SB 5557) signed by Governor Inslee on Monday, May 11, 2015. This law increases patient access to medical care from pharmacists practicing within their scope of practice, just like nurse practitioners and physician assistants. This care means that patients will have access to covered benefits provided by pharmacists. Good news, especially for people in rural or underserved locations and those dealing with a chronic illness. Full story from UW’s Health Science NewsBeat: Law gives state’s pharmacists compensated-provider status. UW School of Pharmacy’s I2P2 Endowed Clinical Professor Don Downing advocated for this change for over 15 years. “Ideally, 20 years from now the pharmacist will be a fully integrated member of your healthcare team,” Downing said. “Your pharmacist would refer you back to your physician regularly as appropriate, freeing physicians to do their best work, including acute care and diagnostics. As a patient, you will benefit from the full experience and specialized knowledge of your complete health team.”

2011: Profit-mastery program is integrated into core Pharm.D. curriculum

As a testament to the School’s commitment to creating innovative business-minded pharmacists, all Pharm.D. students will now participate in the online program “Profit Mastery: Creating Value and Building Wealth” through the School’s Pharmacy Management course. The profit-mastery program is offered through Business Resource Services. The pharmacy management course is taught by I2P2 Endowed Professor Don Downing. Learn more about the profit mastery program.