Research Assistantship

Upon admission into the Pharmaceutics doctoral program, most students are offered a Research Assistantship that can be renewed annually. The renewal procedure begins with a notification letter to the student on August 1 of each year, instructing them to provide a 1-page summary of research and training activities, and other accomplishments (e.g., extramural research presentations, publications, awards), during the preceding year.

Students will also be asked to provide a brief outline of goals for the next academic year. This document should be turned in to their faculty advisor (or the department Chair, if they are absent) by August 21st. The document will be reviewed by the student’s advisor and the department Chair between August 21 and September 14, with a decision regarding reappointment rendered by September 15. Members of the Master’s Bypass and Doctoral Supervisory Committee may be asked for their input as well.

RA reappointment decisions, as well as financial support and benefits that they can expect for the next academic year, will be communicated in writing to the student. When significant deficiencies in the progress of a student are identified, a meeting between the student, faculty advisor and Department Chair will be scheduled to determine the appropriate course of action.

This may include remedial work and more frequent milestones during the next year. Reappointment can be denied because of a failure to maintain good scholastic standing (GPA below 3.0) or a failure to make substantive research progress towards the degree. RA reappointment letters will be placed in the student’s academic file and can be viewed, upon request, by the student at any time.