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Financial Assistance

Financial support for students enrolled in the PhD program is available in the form of a research assistantship, Public Health Service predoctoral training fellowships, and outside fellowships such as those from the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education and the pharmaceutical industry.

Financial support is awarded annually so long as substantial progress toward the degree is being made (see Research Assistantship). Annual evaluations will be based on grades and laboratory/research performance. A PhD student can expect to receive support for a period of 5 years if consistent progress is made towards the PhD degree. The period of support can be extended through petition.

PhD students who are directed into a terminal MS track may receive continued support for up to 6 months from the time that the decision has been made in order to complete research requirements and to prepare an MS thesis.

This will be contingent on continued research productivity. The department does not generally offer financial support for entry-level terminal MS candidates. However, we will assist the student (Letter of Recommendation) if they choose to seek financial support from extramural sources.