April 13, 2016

UWSOP and the Future of Pharmacy

UWSOP faculty and alumni bring insights from the forefront of pharmacy practice to The Future of Pharmacy panel event at the Seattle Rotary Club

As the roles of pharmacists continue to rapidly shift and expand, UWSOP faculty and alumni are leading the conversation in our community and beyond.

Dr. Peggy Odegard, UWSOP professor and Associate Dean and alum, Dr. Ryan Oftebro, CEO of Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group and UWSOP alum, Dr. Don Downing, UWSOP professor, Endowed Chair, and alum, Dr. Jennifer Bacci, UWSOP assistant professor, and Dr. Jeff Rochon, CEO of the Washington State Pharmacy Association and UWSOP alum joined Dr. Amanda Bishop, pharmacy practice coordinator at Virginia Mason Medical Center, to participate in “The Future of Pharmacy: A Panel Discussion” at the Seattle Rotary Club on April 13th.

They discussed how pharmacy practice, education, residency training, and roles have been shifting over the past 30 years, and what lies on the horizon, including issues such as:

  • How pharmacists are uniquely and extensively trained to provide patient care by managing multiple conditions and treatments, addressing medication adherence challenges, consulting with patients, and leading and teaming with other health professional providers
  • Washington State is leading the nation in progressive health care laws impacting payment/practices for pharmacists—such as providing patient care within insurer preferred networks
  • Shifting demographics including more women in the profession
  • Focus on the patient and the human factors involved in prevention of illnesses and the medication self-management support needed to control and cure illness effectively
[Pharmacists are trained] to educate patients. Education is the fundamental core of what pharmacy is about: educating about the complexity of disease states, and how to appropriately utilize these medications to stay healthy, or talking to our colleagues about the ones that should be prescribed.

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