Drafting the final curricular blueprint

The Curricular Innovation Faculty Retreat on November 1st was a success thanks to the majority of UWSOP faculty being in attendance. Faculty heard an overview of the work done by the Curricular Innovation Guidance Team since forming, considered our recommendations for moving forward, and provided their feedback and ideas on our work and next steps.

Pulling Together the Experts

When it comes to in-depth knowledge of the UWSOP curriculum, our faculty are the experts. The success of our new curricular framework and model depends on the full involvement and guidance from our talented and knowledgeable faculty members.

Testing the water with a model ship

Modeling a new curriculum using our draft decision rules and criteria will help us identify problems in the process or framework before diving in and building a full scale version.

Building a Seaworthy Framework

Kayaks frequently skim through our region’s waters, including the Lake Washington Ship Canal that runs through the UWSOP’s backyard. Kayaks were first built about 4,000 years ago for subarctic sea hunting and transport by the indigenous Inuit, Yup’ik and Aleut cultures, using wooden or whalebone frameworks covered with stretched animal skins (Wikipedia, 2016).

Brewing and crafting a curriculum

Our region is known for its unparalleled and innovative brewing of coffee, craft beer, and cider. (Even more reasons to come to the UWSOP!) Over the past several months, the UWSOP has been preparing to brew our own unique flavor of unparalleled and innovative pharmacy education.

Envisioning the pharmacist of 2025

What pharmacy care services are provided to patients now? What trends in practice or service provision are anticipated in the future? What are the critical needs for pharmacist education and training?

Learning how people learn (best)

The UWSOP Curricular Innovation Guidance Team had the pleasure of participating in an interactive session on teaching and learning led by our own team member Dr. Katie Headrick Taylor, Assistant Professor at UW College of Education’s Learning Sciences and Human Development Program.

Debrief: May 17th Pharmacy Curricular Innovation Panel

Members of the UWSOP CI Guidance Team shared their thoughts about the Pharmacy Curricular Innovation Panel event on May 17th, where we had the pleasure of hosting and hearing insights from honored guests from four outstanding pharmacy research and teaching institutions. Dr. Tina Brock from the UCSF School of Pharmacy, Dr. Scott Singleton from the UNC Eschelman School of Pharmacy, Dr. Susan Stein from Pacific University School of Pharmacy, and Dr. Gundy Sweet from the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy summarized their institutions’ curricular models

Debrief: themes/thoughts from our neighbors’ visit

Members of the UWSOP CI Guidance Team shared their thoughts from last meeting’s visit from Dr. Michael J. Ryan, Associate Dean for Curriculum, and Dr. Karen McDonough, Second-Year Program Lead from the School of Medicine, and Dr. Joel Berg, Dean of the School of Dentistry.

Borrowing a cup of sugar from our UW neighbors: School of Medicine, School of Dentistry

The UWSOP Curricular Innovation Guidance Team had the pleasure of hearing about the curricular changes undertaken and implemented last year by the UW School of Medicine (UWSOM) and School of Dentistry (UWSOD).

UWSOP and the Future of Pharmacy

As the roles of pharmacists continue to rapidly shift and expand, UWSOP faculty and alumni are leading the conversation in our community and beyond.

Student Pharmacist in UWSOP’s Bracken Pharmacy Learning Lab

The time is now for the future of pharmacy education

Our Curricular Innovation work has started with attention to how and how well we meet the new 2016 ACPE Accreditation Standards for Pharmacy Education.