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Allan Rettie named 2019 UWSOP Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor

2019 Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor: Allan Rettie, Medicinal Chemistry
2019 Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor: Allan Rettie, Medicinal Chemistry

Professor Allan Rettie, Medicinal Chemistry, was nominated for and selected at the 2019 Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor by colleagues and current and former students.

“Allan encouraged his students to critically analyze internally and externally generated data,” said one former graduate student. “When students started to ask interesting questions, we were encouraged to develop strategies and methods to find the answers. He provided us with the guidance, the time, and resources to conduct the necessary studies.”

Known for his high level of support for his students, as well as his own research excellence, Allan earned this year’s mentorship award. For 11 years, Allan served as the Director of the NIH T32 Predoctoral Training Program in Pharmacological Sciences. This interdepartmental training grant supports students from the Departments of Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, and Pharmacology, and has been continuously funded for 40 years. In addition, he has served as the Graduate Program Coordinator for the Department, responsible for student recruitment and advising.

“Allan has truly been a major contributor to the education of the current cohort of drug metabolism scientists that are scattered throughout the pharmaceutical industry and academia,” wrote one colleague.

Congratulations to Professor Allan Rettie for your recognition as Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor!


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