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Lopez receives 2019 UWSOP Pharmaceutics’ Graduate Student Leadership Award

Pharmaceutics PhD Graduate Student Antonio Lopez
Pharmaceutics PhD Graduate Student Antonio Lopez

The UW School of Pharmacy Graduate Program Awards offer special recognition of our preeminent graduate students and faculty. We are pleased to share that Antonio Lopez, a graduate PhD student in Pharmaceutics, was recognized for the department’s 2019 Graduate Student Leadership Award.

We learned from his nominators that Antonio demonstrates leadership by participating in and advocating for community outreach events, including coordinating connections between our current and prospective graduate students during the big snowstorms that hit Seattle this past winter. Through his efforts, the visiting students had an enjoyable experience despite the inclement weather. “Antonio is a positive, compassionate member of the Pharmaceutics community and really fun to be around,” said one nominator.

In addition to bringing good spirit to the department, Antonio has been the activity coordinator for American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) for the past three years. Said one student colleague, “he has been very helpful and generous with his time to help fellow students.” Another peer noted that Antonio was a kind and patient mentor, who was always willing to set aside time to help out others.

Antonio, thank you for your leadership within the Pharmaceutics community and congratulations on your award!

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