Individuals who are eligible for appointment as Clinical or Affiliate Faculty are those with, or the potential for, sustained contributions to the teaching (didactic or experiential), service, and/or research/scholarship1 collaborations with the University of Washington School of Pharmacy (UWSOP or School). An individual’s initial appointment on the Clinical or Affiliate Faculty can be at the rank of instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, or professor, commensurate with the individual’s training, practice or scholarship experience, and expertise. The education of students, scholarship and service are responsibilities of all faculty of the University of Washington.

The general qualifications for faculty appointments with the Clinical or Affiliate title, as well as at specific ranks, are summarized in UW Faculty Code, Sections 24-34 A1-3 (ranks), and B8 (affiliate) and 11 (clinical). The procedures for new appointment, renewal of appointments, and promotion are summarized in Sections 24-52, 24-53, and 24-54, respectively. ( Additional administrative information regarding each of the academic titles can be found on the UW Academic Human Resource web page.

The information below is intended to provide clarity to procedures that are specific to the University of Washington, Department of Pharmacy (DOP or Department):

  • Clinical Faculty appointment: Individuals with a pharmacy or other health professional degree and current licensure whose primary role will be educating students in the Doctor of Pharmacy degree program at the School of Pharmacy.
  • Affiliate Faculty appointment: Individuals whose primary role is in research collaboration, curriculum instruction, or mentoring of graduate or post-graduate trainees at the School of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmacy Guidelines

Guidelines for Initial Appointment

Individuals may be appointed via one of the following two pathways.

Pathway 1: 

  • Directly precepts or supervises students in patient care environments (practicums) on a regular basis (e.g., preceptors for PharmD students). Primary (or regular) preceptors directly contribute to student training and coordinate student evaluation within his/her practice site. The primary preceptor may delegate some of the teaching to other health professionals within the teaching site. These designates are eligible for appointment as Clinical and Affiliate Faculty if his/her contact with the student is regular and if he/she contributes to the evaluation of the student’s performance.

Pathway 2 (Meeting TWO or MORE of the following criteria): 

  • Precepts or supervises students in patient care environments (but not as a primary preceptor).
  • Classroom engagement: Contributes to classroom teaching, laboratory supervision, skill course instruction or other classroom/course-related instruction
  • Out of class engagement: Regular advisory role with student leadership, regular mentoring activities, or other ongoing out of class engagement with students
  • Collaborator: Contributes to, or collaborates in, scholarship activities with Department-based faculty members. To be considered for appointment to the Clinical and Affiliate Faculty, the individual should directly participate in the formulation, conduct, implementation or supervision of the scholarship activity or research and/or reporting of findings.
  • Demonstrates professional leadership through service and leadership positions on national organizations, University, School or Department committees.

Appointment/Promotion Ranks and Qualifications

Clinical/Affiliate Instructor

This is the most common initial appointment for individuals within 2 years of completing of his/her highest degree or professional training or for those without a record of precepting or engagement with an academic institution (e.g., pharmacy residents). This appointment level is only used for volunteer faculty, not new School-salaried faculty members. Individuals who do not meet the criteria for appointment as assistant professor can stay at this level indefinitely.

Clinical/Affiliate Assistant Professor

Appointment or promotion to the rank of Clinical/Affiliate Assistant Professor generally requires a demonstration of academic and professional ability beyond that ordinarily required of a clinical/ affiliate instructor, and in most cases, three or more consecutive years of professional experience or equivalent service at other academic institutions. The candidate must also express the intent of continued service to the Department or School.

The individual should be recognized for his/her expertise and commitment as a practitioner, educator, scholar or community service advocate. A Clinical/Affiliate Assistant Professor is expected to have demonstrated consistent involvement with the UWSOP program, or another School or College of Pharmacy (e.g., regularly precepting students 12 weeks per year) in practicums, ongoing engagement in SOP activities such as scholarship or classroom teaching and ongoing service within the profession of pharmacy beyond the site of primary employment.

Appointment or promotion to this rank requires a consistent engagement with the UWSOP AND meeting two or more of the following criteria:

  1. Local, regional or national professional recognition or awards for developing or maintaining an innovative practice environment.
  2. Outstanding teaching achievement as reflected by teaching awards, exceptional teaching evaluations on a consistent basis, or other subject evidence.
  3. Scholarship accomplishments, such as publications or invited presentations at professional or scientific meetings, service to professional, pharmacy alumni or community organizations as an officer, committee chair or by sustained activity and contributions.
  4. Participation on UWSOP or DOP committees or assisting in the recruitment or interviewing of potential pharmacy students.
  5. Evidence of having contributed to, or collaborated in, scholarly activity with members of the DOP faculty.

In the case of the initial appointment rank, previous professional experience will be considered.

Clinical/Affiliate Associate Professor

Appointment or promotion to the rank of Clinical or Affiliate Associate Professor requires a record of substantial success in both academic and professional activities, as supported by continued service to the School and a proven record of scholarship accomplishments. Promotion to the rank of Clinical or Affiliate Associate Professor generally requires five or more years of consecutive and outstanding service to the Department and profession as a Clinical or Affiliate Assistant Professor, demonstration of academic and professional leadership as evidenced by letters or documents from internal or external resources. There should also be evidence of growth and recognition as a scholar or leader in the field; i.e., expertise/mastery in defined area(s) of clinical practice or scholarship as demonstrated by scholarship accomplishment as described in footnote below or for a clinical educator as demonstrated by one of both of the following criteria:

  1. Continued and impactful engagement in the education program (didactic and/or experiential) with exceptional teaching, precepting, or practice skills, as documented by teaching evaluations and/or teaching awards,
  2. Contributions to practice (e.g., patient outcomes, practice improvements), science, and the profession through scholarship, defined as publications (peer reviewed distributed regionally or nationally) or invited presentations, including poster presentations, at regional or national meetings or institutions outside of the individual’s site of employment.

Other forms of scholarship may include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Evidence of innovations in practice and/or clinical teaching,
  • Documented design of outcomes or evaluation/assessment of programs,
  • Reports of demonstration projects,
  • Policy papers, newsletter articles (outside of individual’s site of employment), or other similar publications about practice,
  • Reports of interdisciplinary or interprofessional programs or service projects, or
  • Grant awards or evidence of contribution to grant-related projects.

In general, an average of 1-2 of these various scholarly endeavors per year over the past 5 years is generally expected for one to be promoted to Clinical/Affiliate Associate Professor. The quality and impact of the scholarship work to the profession or field of research will also be taken into consideration.

Clinical/Affiliate Professor

In addition to a record of sustained service to the Department and profession, appointment or promotion to the rank of Clinical/Affiliate Professor requires outstanding, mature academic and professional achievements. Individuals appointed or promoted to this rank are expected to have achieved national recognition by peers in their area of expertise, and demonstrated national leadership in their field. A history of sustained contribution and service to the School of Pharmacy (e.g., serving on UWSOP or DOP committees, continued engagement in mentoring programs) is expected. Continued engagement or serving in leadership roles in professional organizations, and a sustained record of scholarship through publications or invited presentations including nationally-recognized abstracts/poster presentations (e.g., an average 2 per year in the past 5 years) should be demonstrated. A Clinical/Affiliate Professor will also be required to provide evidence of continued mentoring and support of junior colleagues in the Department or profession.

Annual Appointment Renewal

All Clinical and Affiliate Faculty are required to demonstrate continued activity and contribution to the UWSOP for annual appointment renewal. Clinical and Affiliate Faculty should submit an updated CV or complete an Annual Report Form summarizing their service to the Department or confirm renewal of the current report information, each year. The CV or Report Form must be returned no later than September 30. This information will be retained in the Clinical and Affiliate Faculty member’s personnel file to be used in his/her annual review and for consideration for promotion.

Annual reappointment eligibility will be considered by, and approved by a vote of the CAF Review Committee every Fall, based on the record of continued engagement according to the criteria for appointment at the respective ranks.

Annual re-appointment to the Clinical and Affiliate Faculty is contingent upon the following criteria appropriate to the individual’s responsibilities:

  • Continued service to the Department over the past year. Teaching, scholarship, or service activity must be evident at least once during any given two-year period to be eligible for re-appointment.
  • Acceptable precepting/teaching performance as measured by the Annual Preceptor Performance Review process conducted by the Experiential Education Program, peer and/or student evaluations of the Clinical and Affiliate Faculty member during practicum rotations, or course teaching evaluations for other teaching for the School.
  • If a Clinical or Affiliate Faculty member has a change in work site or primary employer, a review, with his/her input will be conducted to determine if the faculty member is able to continue meeting their teaching or service obligations at the new professional practice site.

o Teaching activity must be re-instituted within two years after changing positions for continued re-appointment to the Clinical or Affiliate Faculty rank.

  • The Clinical or Affiliate Faculty member has not had a suspension or revocation of a license or other credential that is necessary for continued appointment.
  • The Clinical or Affiliate Faculty member desires to continue the appointment as evidenced by returning his/her Annual Report Form or ongoing precepting activity.


Faculty may remain at each rank indefinitely, contingent upon annual review showing continued service to the Department, but are encouraged to pursue growth and excellence in his/her practice environment which would enable consideration for promotion.

Once appointed as a faculty member and having met the rank criteria for promotion, the individual will be eligible for promotion with the consultation of the Clinical and Affiliate Faculty (CAF) committee and the Chair of the DOP, followed by a peer-review process, and supported by a vote of the School-based faculty of the DOP.

The DOP Chair will submit the promotion recommendations with pertinent information to the Dean of the School in accordance with procedures outlined in the Faculty Code Section 24–54 and upon approval shall transmit it with appropriate documentation to the Provost of the University.

Clinical or Affiliate Instructor Promotion

Clinical or Affiliate Faculty members seeking academic promotion from the rank of Instructor to Assistant Professor will be considered for recommendation by the CAF Committee and then voted on by the DOP. Faculty seeking this promotion should have demonstrated at least three years of service or teaching to the DOP and meet the criteria for the rank of Clinical or Affiliate Assistant Professor. Candidates may self-nominate by submitting the following materials to the attention of the Chair of the DOP:

  • Curriculum Vitae updated within the last 30 days and
  • A cover letter, not to exceed three pages, that includes a self-assessment indicating how the candidate meets the criteria for promotion to the rank of Assistant Professor specifying performance in each area of teaching, service, and scholarship. The letter should also include a description of the continuation plan for commitment to the DOP as a faculty member.

Clinical and Affiliate Assistant Professor and Associate Professor Promotion

Clinical and Affiliate faculty members seeking academic promotion from the rank of Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, or from Associate Professor to Professor should contact the Chair of the DOP at, to initiate the process. The promotion process will be shepherded by a faculty sponsor, designated by the Chair, who is a school-based faculty member of the DOP, at or above the rank that the candidate is seeking (e.g. candidate seeking promotion to Clinical Associate Professor should be sponsored by an UWSOP faculty at the rank of Associate Professor, Clinical Associate Professor, or above). The faculty member seeking promotion should work closely with their appointed sponsor to insure the development of a complete and accurate promotion file. This process can require several months.

The faculty sponsor is responsible for:

  • Facilitating the promotion process in support of the candidate.
  • Recruiting letters of support from individuals at or above the rank desired for the promotion.

o Clinical or Affiliate Associate Professor rank promotion: 3 reviewers, 2 of whom must be individuals at institutions other than UWSOP.

o Clinical or Affiliate Professor rank promotion: 4 reviewers, 3 of whom must be individuals at institutions other than UWSOP.

  • Writing a letter in support of the candidate summarizing the recommendations from the other referees and providing an assessment by the faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor’s letter can serve as one of the official letters of support.

The candidate and his/her sponsor together are responsible for:

  • Compiling the promotion dossier, due to the DOP Chair no later than January 1st. An electronic submission acceptable.

o Cover letter requesting consideration for promotion.

o Self-assessment statement (2-4 pages) addressing how the candidate meets the criteria for promotion at the next rank and a plan for sustained contribution to the UWSOP.

o Updated Curriculum Vitae within the last 30 days.

o Teaching evaluations if applicable.

o Selection of documents of scholarship (e.g., papers, conference abstracts, slide set presented at national meetings for invited lectures/presentations, book chapters).


Clinical and Affiliate Faculty who retire from the profession may be maintained on the Clinical and Affiliate Faculty by demonstrating continued involvement and service to the UWSOP.

Clinical and Affiliate Faculty (CAF) Evaluation and Promotions Committee

The Clinical and Affiliate Faculty Evaluation and Promotion Review Committee (the Committee) is a standing committee of the Department of Pharmacy, Co-chaired by the Associate Dean for Professional Pharmacy Education (PPE) and the Chair of the DOP. The Committee Co-chairs are non-voting members. The voting members of the Committee comprise a non-clinical track Full Professor, at least one of the Experiential Education program Directors, one other non-clinical track DOP faculty member, and Clinical faculty representative at the rank of Clinical Associate Professor or higher. Members of the Committee are to be appointed by the Dean with concurrence by the Associate Dean for PPE and the Chair of the DOP. The committee charge is to make annual recommendations to the Chair of the DOP regarding appointments, continuations and promotions of Clinical and Affiliate Faculty. The term of each voting member is up to 3 years with possible renewal.

Initial appointments to the Clinical and Affiliate Faculty may be made at any time after the candidate has provided evidence of commitment or prior service to the School. Letters nominating an individual or initial appointment or promotion should be addressed to the Chair of the UWSOP Department of Pharmacy (