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Volunteer pharmacists are critical to the success of a modern school of pharmacy educational program. Without the selfless assistance of hundreds of pharmacists and other health care practitioners, we could not produce quality graduates.

The School does not have many ways to say “thank you” for your time and energy. One thing we can do is appoint qualified volunteer preceptors to our Clinical and Affiliate Faculty. In addition to a faculty title such as Clinical Instructor, an appointment to the faculty will allow you access to our wonderful electronic health sciences library.

Individuals who are eligible for appointment as Clinical or Affiliate Faculty are those with, or the potential for, sustained contributions to the teaching (didactic or experiential), service, and/or research/scholarship1 collaborations with the University of Washington School of Pharmacy (UWSOP or School). An individual’s initial appointment on the Clinical or Affiliate Faculty can be at the rank of instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, or professor, commensurate with the individual’s training, practice or scholarship experience, and expertise. The education of students, scholarship and service are responsibilities of all faculty of the University of Washington.

If you wish to investigate this process, please view the Appointment, Retention and Promotion Guidelines for Clinical and Affiliate Faculty webpage (

Clinical & Affiliate Faculty Appointment Process

If you would like to be considered for appointment to our Clinical or Affiliate Faculty (CAF) as outlined in appointment criteria (, please send an email note to explaining specifically how you interact with our students or faculty. Receipt of this message will notify us of your intention and will help our office guide you through the process.

In order to move your request forward, we will need the following four items, preferably attached electronically to an email message also to be emailed to at This message should also contain a statement of how you interact with our students or faculty.

  1. Current Curriculum Vitae (updated within the past 30 days)
  2. Biography Form
  3. Personal Data Form (Must include Social Security Number)
  4. A nomination letter:
  • The nomination letter must be from a voting faculty member. However, if you are precepting student pharmacists, our office will automatically generate this letter on your behalf. If you are interacting with faculty members outside of the Office of Professional Pharmacy Education, you will need a letter of support written by the faculty member with whom you work
    • Letters must be addresses to the Department of Pharmacy Chair and emailed to and the letter must describe your:
  • In addition to the nomination letter, pharmacy residents applying for a clinical faculty appointment will also need a letter of support and verification from their residency director submitted with the other documents

Department of Pharmacy faculty vote on CAF nominees at faculty meetings in March, June, September, and December of every year. All paperwork must be received no later than the last day of the month prior to the meetings.

An initial one-year appointment at the rank of Clinical/Affiliate Instructor or Clinical/Affiliate Assistant Professor can be approved by the joint agreement of the Associate Dean for PPE in consultation with the CAF Review Committee and the Chair of the DOP. An initial appointment at Clinical/Affiliate Associate Professor or higher must be supported by a concurrent vote from the school-based faculty of the DOP. All appointments are subject to the concurrence of the Dean of the UWSOP. The appointments are not final until the approval by the Office of Academic Personnel and the Provost of the University of Washington are confirmed.

Once appointed, a clinical and affiliate faculty member is subject to the University of Washington faculty code ( and University of Washington Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion of Clinical and Affiliate Faculty (

Retention & Promotion Policy

All Clinical and Affiliate Faculty are required to demonstrate continued activity and contribution to the UWSOP for annual appointment renewal. Clinical and Affiliate Faculty should submit an updated CV or update their Preceptor Profile summarizing their service to the Department or confirm renewal of the current report information, each year. The CV or Report Form must be returned no later than September 30. This information will be retained in the Clinical and Affiliate Faculty member’s personnel file to be used in his/her annual review and for consideration for promotion.

Additionally, faculty may remain at each rank indefinitely, contingent upon annual review showing continued service to the Department, but are encouraged to pursue growth and excellence in his/her practice environment which would enable consideration for promotion.

For more information regarding annual appointment renewal and promotion criteria please view the Appointment, Retention and Promotion Guidelines for Clinical and Affiliate Faculty webpage (

Access to update your Profile Information every fall through our Preceptor website ( or submit a current Curriculum Vitae to

CAF Retention & Promotion Committee meets in late mid-October every year to determine reappointment and promotion. Current CAF members will be notified via email if they have NOT been reappointed and/or if they are being considered for promotion.