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PharmD-PA Program

MEDEX Northwest and the UW PharmD program have partnered to offer a PharmD-PA concurrent degree program, a unique opportunity for cross-trained individuals to work in clinics providing care to the urban and rural medically underserved, in newly developing hospitalist roles, and in academic instructional settings such as residencies.

Benefits of the Program

  • Broader clinical expertise than one area of training alone 
  • Increased marketability in a competitive job landscape 
  • More in-depth training in physical assessment and diagnosis skills than pharmacy alone 
  • Efficiency in completing two degrees in 5 years (vs 6 years if earning them separately) 
  • Earlier entry to the workforce 


Applicants to the PharmD-PA program must be second-year PharmD students in good academic standing and must meet all MEDEX academic requirements.

Basic Timeline

The following timeline represents the standard course of study for PharmD students admitted to the PharmD-PA program. Visit the MEDEX Curriculum website for MEDEX program course information.

Yr Autumn Winter Spring Summer
1 PharmD PharmD PharmD
2 PharmD PharmD PharmD Apply to PA program
3 PharmD PharmD PharmD
APPE Rotations
Begin PA program
Complete PharmD
Complete PA


  • Years 1 and 2: Enrolled in UW PharmD program
  • Summer after year 2: Apply directly to the MEDEX Physician Assistant Program, submitting all required documentation and application materials no later than October 1st (visit the Apply to MEDEX page for details). UW PharmD students will be required to complete a CASPA online application as well as a MEDEX supplemental application.
  • Year 3: Enrolled in UW PharmD program
  • Spring Year 3 – Summer after year 3: UW PharmD APPE Rotations
  • Summer after year 3: Start PA program
  • Years 4 and 5: Years 4 and 5 are made up of years 1 (didactic) and 2 (clinical) of PA training. The 2nd year of PA training is comprised of clinical clerkships that will satisfy many of the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) requirements for the PharmD program. Students will complete their PharmD degree in June of their 5th year, followed by the completion of their PA degree in August.

How to Apply

The application cycle begins May 1st annually. Visit the MEDEX Admissions Timeline to view the complete application timeline, including application deadline. View the MEDEX Admissions Process and follow all instructions to apply.


Mona Jalili, PharmD, Manager of APPEs
PharmD-PA curriculum, APPE rotations, liaison with MEDEX

MEDEX Admissions
MEDEX admissions, program requirements, academic progress, degree completion, liaison with PharmD