Peggy Odegard

Lynn and Geraldine Brady Endowed Professor of Pharmacy; Associate Dean for Professional Programs; Director, UW Pharmacy Cares; Clinical Pharmacist and Diabetes Educator, Department of Medicine, UW Medicine

Department of Pharmacy, Office of the Dean , Pharmacy Faculty , Plein Center in Geriatrics Faculty

Telephone: (206) 543-0760

Fax: (206) 543-3835


Office Location: SCC 248A

Website: PubMed

Expertise: Chronic Disease Pharmacotherapy, Geriatrics, Interprofessional Education and Practice, Prevention/Lifestyle Health


  • PharmD, University of Washington
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, UW

Board Certification:

  • Pharmacotherapy, 1996-2010
  • Diabetes Educator, since 1999

Research Interests

  • Diabetes
  • Geriatrics
  • Medication-related problems
  • Patient adherence
  • Continuity of care

Courses Taught

  • Pharm 549: Pharmacotherapeutics for Older Adults
  • Pharm 560: Pharmacotherapeutics I
  • Pharm 561: Pharmacotherapeutics II
  • Pharm 588: Diabetes Care


Peggy Soule Odegard, CDE, FASCP, earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the UW in 1990 and her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the UW in 1985. She is a certified diabetes educator, working in diabetes education for over 20 years, and she is a fellow of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists.

Currently, she is a professor in the Department of Pharmacy, where her teaching and research emphasizes diabetes. She practices pharmacy in an interdisciplinary diabetes care clinic and provides community-based education on aging to older adults. Her research is focused on the impact of pharmacy practice interventions in diabetes care, diabetes medication adherence and interprofessional education.

Dr. Odegard has published more 60 refereed manuscripts, chapters and abstracts. Prior to her current position, Odegard was the clinical pharmacy services manager for a 200-bed community hospital and was assistant dean for the UW School of Pharmacy’s Professional Programs.

Selected Publications

Mekonnen AB, Yesuf EA, Odegard PS, Wega SS. Pharmacists’ Journey to Clinical Pharmacy Practice in Ethiopia: Key Informants’ Perspective. Journal of Research in Pharmacy Practice, accepted for publication, May 2013.

Mekonnen AB, Yesuf EA, Odegard PS, Wega SS. Implementing ward-based clinical pharmacy services in an Ethiopian University Hospital. Pharm Practice. 2013;11(1):51-57.

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