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DMTPR Launched January 1, 2004

In the fall of 2002, corporate advisors and board members recommended that the School address the emerging gap between industrial research needs and trained graduates with a program focused on new research in drug metabolism, transporters and pharmacogenomics. Fifteen months later, the University of Washington School of Pharmacy (UWSOP), along with six partner corporations, announced the launch of the Drug Metabolism, Transport and Pharmacogenomics Research (DMTPR) Program.

The core mission of the DMTPR program addresses both the School and industry needs through the creation of a national center of leadership, training, and research in drug metabolism, transport and pharmacogenomics. Current and future DMTPR program members benefit from:

  • Focused pharmaceutical research initiatives;
  • Students and fellows trained in advanced methods and concepts that frame an integrated view of drug disposition and efficacy/toxicology;
  • A national center of thought and analysis of drug metabolism/disposition and pharmacogenomic issues.

Watch our website for more information about the DMTPR Program or contact Ken Thummel, Associate Dean for Research and New Initiatives and DMTPR Program Director.


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